New Arrow-verse Trailer Reveals The Flash's New Costume For Season 5

When you're outside zipping around at high speeds while taking on some of the most dangerous metahumans on the planet, your costume is going to take a beating, and The Flash has been good about regularly updating the speedster's signature outfit. With Season 5, Barry Allen is getting another comic-comparable Flash suit, and it can be seen in live-action within the new Arrow-verse trailer. Check out the suit-tactic moment below.

the flash season 5 gif

It's a quick glimpse, but at least Grant Gustin looks a bit more comfortable when he's speaking as The Flash, thanks to the mask now leaving the bottom of his face wide open, resembling certain versions from the comics. Not a lot of TV shows will inspire fandom debates over a character's chin covering, but The Flash fans have been standing on both sides of that particular aisle for a while. And with Season 5, everyone will get to see how they like the new look.

And it wouldn't be The Flash if there wasn't immediately some kind of self-aware nod to the super-suit switch itself. In the trailer, Grant Gustin first shows up in the suit we're already used to, and gets a cheeky laugh about how it fits. Give it a watch below.

Not only is the mask missing the cheek-to-chin portion, but it's also rocking more pronounced, comic-approved lightning bolts over the ears, as opposed to past years' bolt logos being more flushed against the sides of the head. As well, the new Season 5 suit looks to be a bit more like uncomfortable pajamas instead of body-hugging military apparel, with seemingly less intricate design work throughout. Which would make sense, considering Cisco's uncanny ability to freehand suit production has been suspect at best.

Personally, I'm hoping the mask changes allows for Barry to grow that Speed Force beard back, even if it means not being able to ever take the mask off in public, for fear of instant recognition. Of course, all it would take is a small scar on his cheek to do the same thing, but I guess his quick healing would take care of that. Or a beard to cover the scar!

The "Suit Up" promo was big on Flash and the Arrow-verse's other title characters doing stuff, such as Black Lightning knocking punching bags around and Supergirl wanting to make waves, but not so much with all of the different shows' side characters. Maybe they'll get their own trailer in the coming days. I gots to see some Sherloque Wells soon. And one focused on the new villains would also be swell, if the universe wants to make that happen.

The Flash is set to bring Barry and his new suit to viewers when Season 5 debuts on The CW on Tuesday, October 9, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Anyone in quick need of the other Arrow-verse premiere dates and more can find knowledge and solace in our fall TV premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
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