Each year, enough new characters are introduced on The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl that they could seemingly populate an entirely new series in The CW's Arrow-verse. To be expected, the 2018-2019 seasons are no exception, and this year's San Diego Comic-Con unleashed a slew of new heroes, new villains, and new twists on familiar characters.

Here, we've accounted for all the new characters that are confirmed to be joining the Arrow-verse this year, and we're marking down everything we know about them. (Which, to be fair, isn't very much in some cases.) So without further a-Diggle, let's kick things off with the new and old faces we'll see in Central City.


Sticking with the speedster-lite tactic that gave us Season 4's The Thinker, The Flash is bringing a comic book villain to Season 5 who presents a wholly different kind of danger to Barry Allen & Co., and he'll go by the name Cicada. First seen from behind when the Season 5 trailer debuted at Comic-Con, TV's Cicada isn't going to be the strictest adaptation of the comic villain, who was granted the power of soul-sucking quasi-immortality by a bolt of lightning. Showrunner Todd Helbing took a minute during The Flash's SDCC panel to tease what what fans can expect to see.

That is Cicada and it'll be played by Chris Klein... We always take these villains from the comics and put 'em through the Flash blender for our show and so we did that this year. He's not so much a cult leader but his powers sort of present a challenge for Team Flash that they've never had to deal with before.

Given his American Pie franchise creds, Chris Klein is perhaps the most recognizable of the actors to take over as a major Flash villain. (Except for Grant Gustin himself as Season 3's Savitar, but that reveal took forever, so it barely counts.) It should be interesting to see the comedy-oriented actor as someone as evil as Cicada, whose comic iteration had him leading a cult of followers who aimed to murder anyone The Flash had ever saved, with the weapon of choice being daggers shaped like the lightning that gave both Barry and Cicada their powers. At least the trailer seemed to confirm the show is remaining faithful to that element.

Sherloque Wells

Nobody does "different Earth versions of the same identity" in the Arrow-verse like Tom Cavanagh, who has already portrayed a round table's worth of Harrison Wells iterations. From the split identity of Season 1's O.G. Wells to Andrew Dice Wells to the late H.R. and beyond, it's been a wild ride. And with Season 5, we're getting a brand new doppel-Cavanagh who goes by the name Sherloque Wells. And here's how the star himself described things to CinemaBlend and others during press roundtables at Comic-Con.

So this year, we've got a lot of things that we have to solve, and I thought it'd be nice to have a dynamic where we have someone that we don't necessarily know that we can trust, but is undeniably brilliant. Which offers up its own things that you have to contend with when you deal with somebody like that. Because much like The Thinker last year, they're a few steps ahead. So we'll see that very early on with this character. We've got some backstory set up, which I don't want to spoil for you, but I think that character's going to be fodder for comedy, but also for good storytelling hopefully. So I'm looking forward to doing it.

Tom Cavanagh noted that Thawne Wells locked in the "badness," that Harry brought in the "bit of a jerk" quality, and that H.R. was seen as the humor-driven "polar opposite of Harry." And it sounds like Sherloque Wells will be a mixed bag of qualities from those previous incarnations. Cavanagh as a snooty (and potentially British) detective is already a concept ripe for comedy, and it's always good narrative fodder when a major character's honesty is put under the microscope. What are the chances he "accidentally" keeps referring to Cicada as "Moriarty?"

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