Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Who Was Nominated... And Some Other Big News

We're headed into a Double Eviction, but before we get to that gaming scramble on Thursday's Big Brother live episode, there's a bit more predictability to play out. We've got the scoop on who Kaycee nominated for eviction and who's in trouble. Spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds ahead!

Here's how things are going in the house right now...

Head of Household





Won the Veto?

Not played yet.

Got engaged

Victor and Nicole, apparently.

Big Brother Haleigh Sam Nominated

Yes, you read that last part right, based on what's been talked about in the Big Brother house this afternoon, it sounds like some former Houseguests returned to the house today and two of them got engaged. But before we get to that, let's talk about what little there is to say about this week's game business. Kaycee won Head of Household. And predictably, she's targeting Haleigh. Haleigh seems to know she's in trouble, but I think she also hopes there's a chance Sam is the actual target. There's been a lot of talk about targeting Sam, going all the way back to the days when Angela and Tyler made that fake alliance with Fessy and Haleigh.

The odds that enough houseguests would turn on Sam and vote her out over Haleigh seem slim at this point. The person who stays needs three votes. Only four are voting, so if it goes to a tie, Kaycee would be the one to break it. In other words, if Brett and JC decided to try to keep Haleigh for whatever the reason, they'd have to get Kaycee on their side to make it happen. As of right now, that doesn't seem likely unless she had Tyler's support.

The houseguests have also been speculating that a double eviction is on the way. They don't know for sure, but we know they're right. If they're concerned about that scramble of gameplay that's looming in the very near future, they're likely to want to send Haleigh out over Sam because Haleigh has performed better in competitions.

Of course, there's always the chance that Haleigh could win the Veto on Saturday, and if that's the case, Kaycee will have to put someone else up for eviction and the choice will be between Sam and that person. In the event Haleigh does win the Veto and takes herself off the block, I'm guessing Kaycee would put JC up, not only because he hasn't been on the block yet but also because he's the only other person not in Level 6. That's all hypothetical for now, but it'll be really interesting if Haleigh manages to pull off a Veto win. If not, it's highly likely she'll be the first evictee on Thursday night.

In other news, the feeds went down on Friday afternoon and didn't come up for hours. When they returned, the houseguests eventually started talking about getting to meet some former Houseguests and about getting to see Nicole and Victor get engaged. We didn't get to see any of the festivities actually happen on the feeds, so we're basing the updates on what's been discussed by the houseguests after the feeds returned, and this message on the peg board...

Big brother Nicole And Victor

In case your memory's rusty on past season players, Nicole played Big Brother Season 16 and returned to win Big Brother Season 18, the latter of which was also Victor's season. They didn't date in the house, but anyone following Nicole's Instagram knows she and Victor have been romantically involved since last year. It seems the two are joining the ranks of Jeff and Jordan (who just welcomed their second child), Brendon and Rachel, Daniele and Dominic (who also just had a baby!), and Jessica and Cody (who got engaged in February) among the Big Brother houseguests who went on to find lasting love long after the cameras stopped rolling.

It's exciting to hear that Nicole and Victor engaged. And this romantic event just so happens to be perfectly timed for a Sunday night episode when there's no competition to fill air before the nominations. So hopefully we'll get to see the big proposal and the handful of former houseguests (it sounds like Paul and Derrick were among them) who were on hand to witness the event on this Sunday's episode.

The Veto competition plays out on Saturday, so we'll have an update on who wins it along with some speculation on whether or not it'll be used. At this point though, if Sam or Haleigh don't win it, I'd be very surprised if anyone would use it to make a move. Then again, who knows?

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