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Marvel's Other Netflix Shows Are Having The Best Time Responding To New Daredevil Clip

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Marvel fans got their first look at Daredevil Season 3 recently, and people have been super pumped to see Matt Murdock back in action. However, the news that Matt was alive was still a bit of a shock to his Defenders comrades, all of whom had the best time reacting to the news of his re-emergence on their show's respective social media accounts. Jessica Jones, of course, had the snarkiest response of the bunch, as she called out the Devil of Hell's Kitchen for not keeping the other heroes in the loop:

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In true Jessica Jones form, the character put up a wall and masked any expression of relief that Matt is actually alive. The Jessica Jones account made sure to double down on her apathetic front in a reply to a fan, and insisted that she wasn't even concerned enough about Matt Murdock's supposed death to open up an investigation. Viewers, of course, know Jessica isn't as cold-blooded as she acts. Thus, we're guessing her actually learning Matt is alive if it's shown on television may end up being a bit warmer than her Twitter response.

We're assuming the tweets Netflix sends out on behalf of the Marvel heroes aren't canon, although they do tend to mirror the actual characters of their respective series' quite well. While Jessica acted unmoved by Matt's resurrection, Luke Cage was all in on the Daredevil star's resurgence and new message:

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The ending of Luke Cage Season 2 showed Luke understands better than most that a hero has to adapt sometimes to fight crime, so it's no surprise he's supportive of Daredevil. Luke might be more apt to team up with Danny Rand in comics and shows, but he and Matt Murdock seem to have more similar ideals than his other comic book compatriots. Of course, if Daredevil's overly dark persona starts to have a negative impact on Harlem, we wouldn't be surprised if Luke eventually takes to the streets to set his friend straight.

Danny Rand, of course, took the words of Matt as an attack. The hero issued a threat to his ally, and warned him what would happen if Daredevil's new way of thinking started to leave a body count:

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Unsurprisingly, Matt's former friend Frank Castle didn't have much to say on social media regarding the teaser, despite the fact they spent a good deal of time together in Season 2 of Daredevil. While it's certainly on-brand for Frank not to be the type to gripe and make idle threats on Twitter, it would've been nice to see The Punisher included in The Defenders affair. Perhaps Frank is off the grid and he'll respond at a later date?

Daredevil Season 3 is expected to arrive on Netflix before the end of 2018, and with all the recent Twitter shenanigans, one would imagine a release date will be announced sooner than later. Keep up with what's happening on cable television with CinemaBlend's fall premiere guide.

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