How Mayans MC Made That Sons Of Anarchy Cameo Happen

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Kurt Sutter said Sons of Anarchy wasn't going to invade Mayans M.C.'s territory too much, although that didn't mean the series is going to be completely devoid of former characters. That much was proven in Episode 2, when yet another character from the first show's universe showed up onscreen. Chucky is apparently working for the Mayans motorcycle club's scrapyard right now, and actor Michael Ornstein recently shared a bit about how his popular character found his way into the spinoff:

Yeah. I got a text from Kurt saying, 'Are you still in L.A.' I said, 'Yes, we're still here,' and that was it. Then I got the call, and I was just blown away. I was so happy. I showed up very early on my first day and went to the exterior of the Mayans' clubhouse to hang out. I hung out there for like two hours all by myself, just to completely acclimate and soak it in until I felt that I was home. Then we did the reading, I met all the guys, and then showed up to this amazing scrapyard in East L.A. where we did that scene.

The scene was short, and featured Chucky doing some work with his prosthetic hands at the scrapyard the Mayans operate. Michael Ornstein hung out at the club prior to shooting to get back into the swing of things, and even brought along his gloves he nicked from the set of Sons of Anarchy when the show ended. Ornstein added to EW he shot the scene months ago, and indicated the secret that he was involved with Mayans M.C. had been eating away at him ever since.

That secret was a lot harder to keep than one might realize, as Michael Ornstein said he's frequently recognized out on the street by fans of Sons of Anarchy. Ornstein added he sometimes has difficulty spotting those fans who recognize him beforehand, as the people that approach him aren't always the stereotypical biker types one may expect is the show's core fan base. Ornstein said fan love for Chucky runs deep, despite the fact that his character has some less than savory traits that may or may not be seen in Mayans M.C.

Michael Ornstein was cryptic about whether or not fans would see more of Chucky in later episodes, but Gamespot got Mayans M.C. co-creator Elgin James to confirm the character will have a recurring presence in Season 1. James didn't say exactly how Chucky will be utilized in the rest of the season, but did confirm he and Kurt Sutter were thrilled to bring Michael Ornstein into the spinoff.

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