Pauly D Is A Positivity Spirit Animal In Jersey Shore Family Vacation Exclusive Deleted Scene

DJ Pauly D has always been a shining beacon of positivity in the world of reality TV, so its only natural that he evolved into the house's spirit animal during a rough time for Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 1. CinemaBlend has an exclusive deleted scene from the DVD set, which hit retailers today, and viewers can watch as Pauly D does his best to help his best bro Vinny see the positivity in a situation that most people would think is pretty awful.

Credit where credit is due, Pauly D must genuinely be a positive ray of sunshine at any point of any day, given the circumstances in this clip. Most folks who want to take a warm shower would immediately get bent out of shape about not being able to do so, and very few would still be looking on the brighter side of things three days later without any hot water for company!

Perhaps the only thing more impressive than that is the fact that Pauly D's blowout is still standing strong three days into his and Vinny's supposed shower strike. But for all the positivity being channeled in this deleted scene, why hasn't anyone brought up the fact that taking a cold shower is a completely viable option for getting clean?

Granted, there's more to be upset about than cold showers. As Vinny mentioned, he can't even drop a pre-breakfast deuce because the house's toilets have all been destroyed by Ronnie. It's no wonder the well-endowed castmember is down in the dumps, living in a house with no electricity, cold showers, and clogged toilets. So it's even more impressive that Pauly D is soldiering on without griping about everything. Jersey Shore Family Vacation staff technically could've thrown a bone to the cast mates by letting them go elsewhere to do all their toilet business, but what fun and drama would ensue from making things easy on the cast?

This "keep your drive alive" deleted scene is just one of many moments packaged in the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 1 DVD set, which is a fully uncensored look at the gang's time in Miami. That means a four-disc set containing 14 expletive-filled episodes that feature Ronnie's encounter with "French Fries," the arrival of Ronnie's occasional life partner Jen Harley and, unfortunately, Angelina doing her own pooping. Fans will also be treated to the cast reacting to their original casting tapes for Jersey Shore, a bigger selection of deleted scenes, and the "Most Jersiest Moments" special that aired on MTV ahead of Season 2's debut. In short, its the DVD set that fans need, especially given the recent accusations that the show isn't airing the most accurate versions of what really goes down between the roommates.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 1 DVDs can be purchased at FYE, Amazon, as well as other locations. Jersey Shore Family Vacation continues on MTV with Season 2 on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what else is coming to television these next couple of months, visit our fall premiere guide.

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