Ronnie's Sometimes Girlfriend Jen Harley Just Blasted Jersey Shore Family Vacation's Editors

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Ronnie's baby mama and sometimes girlfriend Jen Harley is saying she was misrepresented on an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 and blasted the show's editors for leaving out a significant chunk of her story. Harley went to social media to address the most recent and upcoming episode of the MTV reality series, which show Jen screaming, spitting on, and attempting to hit Ronnie before producers intervened:

They edited out the whole side of my story and [they] just showed me flipping out, not me on the phone with the vet crying after finding out my dog was brought in deceased. I was pissed everyone was hiding it from me and ignoring me! Anyone who [owns] a dog would feel the same way!! They made me go there [and] film it for everyone to see; they couldn't tell me any other way and it was fucked up and they made it something completely different!

Jen Harley is not disputing that what Jersey Shore Family Vacation showed happened, but she is claiming the situation is more understandable if viewers knew the whole story. Harley revealed that she was waiting on news regarding the couple's dog, that "everyone," (perhaps meaning the show's cast and producers) knew prior to her finding out. Harley's Instagram Stories post (via Celebrity Insider) explained that the information was withheld from her until she arrived at the hotel, with cameras rolling so that everyone could see her true reaction.

Harley continued to say that her anger was rooted in the way the situation was handled, because she was kept from finding out her dog died until the cameras were live. Jersey Shore Family Vacation did not feature that information in its most recent episode and instead framed the argument as some fight the two were having over text messaging. The big confrontation between Ronnie and Jen came in the episode's final moments, so it's possible the full details of what happened will be revealed in the next episode. That said, Harley's comments appear to indicate that the time for that reveal has passed, and that Jersey Shore Family Vacation opted to leave the death of the couple's dog out of the storyline.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation omitting that detail is interesting, considering news outlets picked up the information about the dog and Jen's confrontation of Ronnie during filming. The altercation was loosely detailed in a police report following the incident, which resulted in the submission of a warrant for domestic violence. At the time the event was reported, sources alleged it was Ronnie that found the dog, and that he handled the cremation and other matters before Jen could be reached. People reported that Jen believed Ronnie drowned the dog to get back at her, which likely led to the violent confrontation that was shown to viewers. Harley was arrested weeks later for a separate domestic violence charge involving Ronnie, and it is unknown how much Jersey Shore Family Vacation will make mention of it.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently airing Season 2 on MTV Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more on what's on television over the next few months, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

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