Grey's Anatomy Cast How I Met Your Mother's Josh Radnor For A Big Role

Following his turn as Ted Mosby on the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother, actor Josh Radnor shifted away from TV comedies. And he'll keep that streak going with his latest series, ABC's Grey's Anatomy. Upon entering Grey Sloan Memorial, Radnor will find himself the potential new love interest of one Meredith Grey. Start the gossip train rolling.

While it is true that Josh Radnor has officially joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy, according to People, it hasn't been fully confirmed what kind of capacity he'll be seen in. But there is a good chance that he'll spark up a new romance with Meredith, who has had some ups and down in that department since Derek died. Could this be her next beau? It'll be interesting to see how it play sout.

A preview for an upcoming episode shows Meredith arriving at work and standing in the lounge in a trench coat. Amelia and Alex start asking her questions, and Maggie correctly guesses that she has a date. But it's not one that she can divulge much information about, because she's never met him, and she has no idea what he looks like.

That would presumably be Josh Radnor's time to enter the picture. His presence will probably come as a blow to fans who have been waiting patiently for sparks to continue developing between Ellen Pompeo's Meredith and Giacomo Gianniotti's DeLuca. That technically could still happen, mind you, just not in the most immediate future.

Going into Season 15, fans also thought that Meredith might have had her eyes on Chris Carmack's new orthopedic surgeon Atticus Lincoln, better known as Link. However, Meredith has not had any kind words to offer the Ortho God so far. Plus, it looks like Link is going to try and make something happen with Amelia, who already has her hands full elsewhere.

From 2005-2014, Josh Radnor was part of one of TV's most popular ensembles, with How I Met Your Mother settling into its post-Friends groove. (Fans had gripes about the finale, but that's neither here nor there.) Since then, he's been a lead in two different TV dramas, PBS' Civil War-set Mercy Street and Jason Katims' short-lived Rise. He's also been in two feature films in the past few years, Jeff D. Johsnon's 2016 drama The Seeker and Theresa Bennett's 2018 comedy Social Animals.

This season of Grey's Anatomy is all about romances new and old, complicated and simple. (Is romance ever really simple?) Find out who's kissing who every Thursday night on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep current with all the other new TV debuts with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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