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Kit Harington has changed up his look following the end of filming Game of Thrones. Not too long ago, Harington shared his desire to shed Jon Snow's signature beard and long locks, post-production. With shooting over a while ago, he still had not changed anything in September. Well, Harington has now gone through with half of his planned post-Jon Snow makeover. He has parted ways with his beard. Check out his shaven look below:

Kit Harington

Goodbye, Jon Snow's battle beard. Hello, Kit Harington circa Testament of Youth. In that movie, Harington rocked neither his Game of Thrones character's long hair or his beard. So, Harington is now halfway to returning to his look from the film. The image of a beard-less Harington comes by way of a video on The Jamie Lloyd Company. And it could provide confirmation of something else. While he still has his hair, he may be out of the reshoot zone.

When Kit Harington had not changed his look back in September, it was a tad surprising. After all, he had been so outspoken about his desire to change his look post-Thrones. Making his decision less surprising was the reason he teased for keeping it. Harington hinted that potential reshoots had hindered his taking a razor to his beard. Given that Harington has parted with his beard, it could mean the possibility of reshoots is over.

Per the video still, there is something hinting otherwise. Kit Harington appears to have maintained the length of his hair. Growing back long hair is arguably more difficult than re-growing a beard. So, there is the possibility that reshoots are not entirely out of the question for Game of Thrones Season 8. There is also the possibility that Kit Harington just enjoys his longer hair. Saying goodbye to a character you played and a show you starred in for nearly a decade is a lot of change.

Kit Harington is not the only Game of Thrones star to shake things up, post-filming. Sophie Turner has gone back to blonde. Also rocking blonde hair is Turner and Harington's co-star Emilia Clarke. The actress recently showed off her pixie haircut and the addition of some delicate dragon tattoos. As for Kit Harington, you can check out the video featuring his new look via the embed below:

Fans have a while to wait before seeing Jon Snow make his return. There are a lot of shows returning and debuting over fall to pass the time. The fate of Jon Snow and the rest of the show's numerous characters is still off in the distant future. Game of Thrones' eighth and final season will premiere on HBO, sometime in 2019.