SEAL Team Spoilers: David Boreanaz Explains The Huge Tragedy's Impact On Season 2

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Spoilers ahead for the third episode of SEAL Team Season 2, called "The Worst of Conditions."

SEAL Team didn't hold back on getting Season 2 off to an emotional beginning, as the second episode of the season ended on a heartbreaking twist that pointed toward Alana (Michaela McManus) likely dying in a car crash. The third episode revealed that, although she was taken to a hospital for treatment, it was too little too late, and she died. (No, this was not Designated Survivor.) Husband Jason (David Boreanaz) will have to find a way to continue as single parent to his kids and manage his high-stakes job.

Naturally, a big question now is how SEAL Team can move on from such a huge tragedy impacting its central character. Jason benched himself from going on a new mission at the end of the episode, acknowledging that he needed to stay home with his kids now that they lost their mom. Given that the SEALs were called to this mission during the funeral, I'd say at least holding off on the missions until everybody in the family has had the chance to mourn is probably a good idea.

David Boreanaz talked about how Alana's death will impact the second season of SEAL Team, saying this:

It was so hard to go down a path this emotional, but look, at the end of [Episode] 2 I think the floodgates opened. Things are going to shift radically, and I'm really proud of the work from everybody and where we're at right now. It's going to be an emotional ride, and some really great work, the next few episodes.

Fans don't need to worry that SEAL Team will be back to business as usual with Jason as soon as the opening few minutes of next week's episode. David Boreanaz's comments point toward the show exploring the emotional aftermath of Alana's death. Considering that characters are used to dealing with the possibility of a SEAL dying on a dangerous mission, watching them process a death that happened because of a domestic car accident should be unlike anything the show has done before.

David Boreanaz is no stranger to emotional work after his years on Bones, not to mention Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Still, Jason is quite different from Seeley Booth and Angel, so even longtime fans can probably look forward to seeing him flex his dramatic and emotional muscles as an actor. The floodgates opened for Jason, and while they may close at some point in Season 2, he'll undoubtedly never be the same. Even somebody with nerves of steel can't just shrug off the sudden death of a spouse.

Now, SEAL Team isn't just going to bench Jason for the rest of the series, so we have to wonder how the show will turn things around enough for him to feel ready to return to his work (and leave the kids behind). David Boreanaz teased what's going to happen for Jason to return to his job, saying this in the chat with TVLine:

I will say that it is someone from the homeland that gives him the OK, and the moment is so intense and just heartbreaking. There are more people to be lost, I'll tell you that, in the next four or five episodes. But there is a message that he gets that will allow him to [rejoin the team].

Well, prepare yourself for the emotional ride to keep on going for the next four or five episodes, based on what David Boreanaz has to say! Somebody from homeland will give Jason the push he needs to get back in action, but it won't be easy, and apparently more people will be lost along the way. Whether these losses are permanent -- such as Alana -- or more temporary remains to be seen.

New episodes of SEAL Team Season 2 air on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. It's only one of many new shows in the fall TV lineup this year, so you have plenty of viewing options now and in the not-too-distant future.

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