Netflix Boss Reassures Marvel Fans Worried After Iron Fist Cancellation

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After Netflix canceled Iron Fist, fans' disappointment turned into worry after it was reported Marvel was still interested in the series continuing. Some feared it was the beginning of the end of Marvel's Netflix reign, and that each show would be cancelled to possibly re-emerge on Disney's upcoming streaming service. (Or else fade into nothingness.) Netflix's Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos recently reassured anyone worried about that happening by stating the streaming giant still has the power where the other Defenders shows are concerned.

Those shows are for us to cancel, and we're super happy with their performance so far.

Ted Sarandos confirmed that, regardless of Disney's possible plans for Iron Fist and its streaming service in the future, it was Netflix that pulled the trigger and cancelled the action series. This implies Netflix has worked it out so that Marvel can't just cut ties on Netflix originals once Disney's streaming service is complete. After all, that wouldn't be very competitive of Marvel, would it?

If anyone really thought Disney strong-armed an Iron Fist cancellation for the company's own purposes, Ted Sarandos' statement just messed with it. Clearly, Ted Sarandos would know the details of the Netflix and Marvel agreement better than most. So it would seem that the Netflix Marvel universe is safe for the time being, so long as everyone stays "super happy" with the others' performances.

It was back in 2017 that speculation first started about Disney possibly working to get the Marvel Netflix universe off the platform. It was announced then that Disney would pull all of its films from Netflix at the beginning of 2019. That deal didn't specify what was to happen with the Marvel Netflix shows, which may be why some were rattled when the series was cancelled.

Even without Ted Sarandos' statement, that "yank 'em all" theory was already a bit shaky. Jessica Jones is currently in development for Season 3, and The Punisher Season 2 is still very much on the way. One would imagine if Disney planned to take all of its heroes from Netflix, it would've done so much sooner than now. It also stands to reason Disney wouldn't have started off by securing Iron Fist, which is far and away the most critically panned series of the company's streaming content.

Iron Fist may be gone, but as Ted Sarandos has reassured Marvel fans, the Netflix's Marvel universe will continue on. In fact, Season 3 of Daredevil arrives on the platform on Friday, October 19, at 12:01 a.m. PT. Check out what other shows are coming to television in the near future via our fall premiere guide.

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