Iron Fist Cancelled After Two Seasons On Netflix

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The Marvel shows on Netflix felt as immortal as the Iron Fist thanks to the base of vocal viewers and established place in the MCU. Unfortunately, viewers for one of those shows weren't always vocal in the most positive way, and Iron Fist was widely panned as the least successful of the six Marvel shows on Netflix. Now, Iron Fist has officially gotten the axe and will not return for a third season on Netflx.

The cancellation of Iron Fist marks the first time that one of Netflix's Marvel series has been cancelled, which may come as a shock to fans so soon before the next season of Daredevil releases on the streaming giant. That said, the cancellation doesn't mean that anybody needs to worry about the future of Daredevil or Jessica Jones. In fact, it's possible that Iron Fist isn't actually 100% done.

Marvel and Netflix shared in a joint statement (via Deadline) that although the series ended at Netflix, "the immortal Iron Fist will live on." While that could mean Danny Rand turning up on some of the other Marvel shows that haven't been cancelled on Netflix (or perhaps a second season of The Defenders, which has not been ruled out), Disney may have larger plans in mind for Iron Fist.

Marvel reportedly wanted Iron Fist to continue on Netflix, with the cancellation coming because Disney is considering bringing Iron Fist back to life on its upcoming streaming service. The Disney streaming service is already slated to include series starring characters like Loki and Scarlet Witch, with their MCU actors expected to reprise their roles. Iron Fist could find a home on that streaming service as well. If Disney can shell out the big bucks for the upcoming Star Wars series, surely another season of Iron Fist isn't out of the question!

All things considered, if Netflix was going to lose a Marvel series ahead of the Disney streaming service launch, that series was likely going to be Iron Fist. Both Jessica Jones and The Punisher have already had new seasons ordered, and the odds are good that Luke Cage will land another season as well. As for Daredevil, Marvel apparently has enough ideas to keep the show going through Season 4 and beyond.

I do have to wonder if the cancellation of Iron Fist will impact how people do or do not watch the other Marvel series on Netflix. Back when it felt like there was no stopping the streamer from renewing any and all of them year after year, there wasn't that much of a sense of urgency to watch. Now that cancellation is apparently on the table... well, anything can happen. The official Iron Fist Twitter account has already shared a post acknowledging the cancellation in a roundabout way:

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We'll have to wait and see if Netflix uses one of its continuing Marvel shows to resolve the Iron Fist cliffhanger. The first two seasons of Danny Rand's adventures as well as The Defenders are available streaming on Netflix, along with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and The Punisher.

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