The Disney Streaming Service Will Include Shows For Loki And More Key Marvel Characters

The MCU is primarily known for its big screen installments, and the events of Avengers: Infinity War still have fans talking, debating, and speculating even months after the shocking cliffhanger. Now, it has been announced that some of the most popular and unforgettable heroes of the MCU will get their own TV shows, to debut on the upcoming Disney streaming service. There are already some big reasons to get excited, and one of them has to do with the God of Mischief.

Disney is in the early stages of development for multiple series all about some of the biggest and most popular characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to Variety. These shows will be limited series rather than ongoing projects like Daredevil and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and they're slated to run for six to eight episodes each, starring fan favorites who did not get their own movies. So, no Iron Man or Captain America TV shows, but Loki and Scarlet Witch each (among others) are already likely to get a series to showcase them without being overshadowed by the likes of Thor or other Avengers.

Now, Loki and Scarlet Witch would surely not be as beloved as they are today if they weren't played by Tom Hiddelston and Elizabeth Olsen, and under normal circumstances, the idea of movie stars like these reprising their roles for a TV show might seem far-fetched. In the case of the big-budget Disney streaming service that is already shelling out a big chunk of change for a live-action Star Wars series, however, the movie stars are expected to play their MCU characters for these developing series.

Yes, Marvel fans may get multiple episodes of Loki's shenanigans, Scarlet Witch's powers, and whatever else Marvel heroes (and perhaps villains) have to offer. In fact, these limited series may mean that the starring characters get more time on screen than some of the big-name Avengers. There are no details currently available about when these series will be set, so it's entirely possible that they can take place prior to the events of Infinity War. This exciting news doesn't mean that Loki and Scarlet Witch will be back among the living at the end of the next Avengers movie.

Marvel Studios is unsurprisingly on board to produce the series, with Kevin Feige likely to be significantly involved in how they shape up for Disney's streaming service. The biggest question now might be how much Disney is willing to shell out for these projects. They probably won't cost nearly as much as the biggest MCU films, but they certainly won't come cheap with six to eight episodes starring an actor who may be quite in-demand, playing a character whose powers will require complex special effects.

No writers are currently attached to the shows, which are reportedly only intended to feature "second tier characters" from the MCU. So, probably no Thor on screen for Loki's show, although we may not want to rule out flashbacks to when Loki and Thor were kids. Who wouldn't want to see that snake story from Thor: Ragnarok in live-action?

These developing series are the biggest sign yet that Disney means serious business with its streaming service, and it's not afraid to shell out the big bucks for some ambitious projects. In case any of us thought that the live-action Star Wars series was going to be the one example of Disney investing a whole lot of money in one show, the news of the shows starring Loki and others should be proof otherwise. Neither Disney nor Marvel has released an official statement detailing any plans at this point, so we can only hope that more news is forthcoming sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest and greatest in superhero news. Plenty of superhero shows will hit the airwaves in the not-too-distant future, although those will primarily be DC projects. Iron Fist Season 2 was the most recent Marvel series to premiere, with Daredevil Season 3 to be next.

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