Why The Flash's Cisco Ramon Should Never Get Killed Off

Cisco Carlos Valdes The Flash The CW

The Flash's Cisco Ramon has cheated death a couple times and has survived foes ranging from Reverse Flash to Gypsy's father Breacher. Unfortunately, his time may be up as Season 5 has him on the chopping block again in an episode titled "The Death of the Vibe." We don't know if Cisco will escape Cicada's grasp, but we know The Flash should never kill off the character. Check out our list of reasons why the snarky sidekick would be missed.

Cisco Is The Only Person Keeping S.T.A.R. Labs Running

After Harrison Wells was exposed as Eobard Thawne in Season 1, the responsibility of keeping S.T.A.R. Labs up and running fell on Cisco and Caitlin. They've had some help over the years keeping it in working order, and they've done a pretty solid job minus their refusal to install an actual security system. Seriously, how hard is it to set up some emergency power dampeners or turrets?

While the lab was left to both, it's safe to say Cisco has been doing a lion's share of the upkeep in recent years. Caitlin is far too wrapped up in Killer Frost drama to give the lab her full attention, which leaves Cisco to do general maintenance and inventing. If he were to die, Team Flash would have a hell of a time finding a competent replacement to be the building's new key holder. Besides, Caitlin is a doctor and has different areas of expertise.

He's The Perfect Companion To Any Wells

Whether Harrison Wells is evil, a misunderstood douche, idiot, or wizard, Cisco always seems to mesh well with him. Even when he seemed to dislike H.R. almost right up until his heroic sacrifice, Cisco was the perfect straight man to play off the character's offbeat and eccentric nature. With another Wells always just around the corner, losing Cisco would be a huge disadvantage for Team Flash.

A part of this is due to the fact that Cisco and Wells are often so in-sync. Even when the two aren't on the same level intelligence-wise, their thoughts often tend to mash together for the perfect solution to any problem they're forced to tackle. He's basically the "Wells whisperer" of The Flash, and trying to make that dynamic happen with any other character could feel forced.

Cisco Carlos Valdes The Flash The CW

Interdimensional Travel Would Become More Difficult

If The Flash killed off Cisco Ramon, Earth One would lose a major means of transportation between Earths. Vibe is more than a glorified interdimensional bus system of course, as his abilities keep the show from having to establish how the heroes of different worlds were able to link up time and time again. Without him, we're not sure how Barry and Oliver would get to the action on other Earths.

Granted, we're sure the Arrow-verse would find a way, but that would take time. Time is typically of the essence in the usual Arrow-verse crossover and Cisco's established powers ensure less time is spent explaining how the worlds collide and more time is spent on things people are excited to see. Is explaining a new method of world travel really worth the time that could be spent in Gotham City or with new heroes? We don't think so.

Cisco Carlos Valdes The Flash The CW

Villain Names Would Probably Suck

Cisco Ramon always has the perfect name for The Flash's villains, and we're not so sure someone could pick up the slack in his absence. Sure, other characters have had solid assists in helping a name be constructed, but by and large, he deserves the credit for 90% of the show's rogues. Even the villains might complain with him gone, as they often seem more than willing to adopt the nicknames he's given them.

Okay, so we know Cisco's expert naming ability on The Flash is mainly because most villains he's named was established in the comics first. That said, the whole "coming up with the villain name" part of the show has become a staple at this point. Losing Cisco would make those scenes a lot less enjoyable, and possibly a bit corny if instead Barry just happened to know every villain's perfect nickname on the spot.

Cisco Carlos Valdes The Flash The CW

No More Cool Gadgets

Cisco's inventions are another core part of The Flash, and are constantly relevant throughout the series. Without them, Leonard Snart would've never gotten his Cold Gun, and Barry wouldn't have gotten an airbag system in his suit. Cisco also invented the power-dampening cuffs, which are used so often at this point they're almost taken for granted.

Losing Cisco would remove the ability to introduce fresh gadgets to the show that service the plot, or just provide a laugh or two throughout the season. Much like the villain naming, the gadgets have become a key element to The Flash formula that would be sorely missed without the character around. The Flash could still press on without it, but it would kill a bit of the fun and whimsy that sets it apart from other Arrow-verse offerings. Nora can't just bring everything from the future!

Cisco Carlos Valdes The Flash The CW

No More Sweet Pop Culture References

Cisco Ramon has been The Flash's connection to the outside world, and the character's various pop culture references always get fans talking whenever he makes them. Whether it's The Big Bang Theory or Harry Potter, one can never predict what trendy thing he might reference next. Seriously, who would've ever thought an Arrow-verse show would reference Thor's hammer in this competitive age of superhero programs?

Of all the things that may not work organically with another character, this may be the biggest. Cisco's inherent geekiness and love of pop culture are what makes these references more natural than if someone like Iris, Caitlin, or even Barry said them. Taking him out of the equation would make these nods to other popular things a bit more forced, especially since few characters on The Flash may represent the interests of the audience as well as Cisco Ramon.

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