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When we heard that Danny Trejo was going to be playing a part in Season 4 of The Flash, we were pleasantly surprised, along with wondering what his character was going to be like. Well, now we have an idea, and it sounds like we can fully expect all the greatness of Danny Trejo to be on display when he appears on the show this season. Here's what executive producer Todd Helbing had to say about Trejo's work on The Flash as Earth-19 bounty hunter, Breacher:

I've gotta be honest, it was crazy being on set with him. I've been such a fan, for so long. There's one classic shot with him, that I can't get into, but that you'll know when you see it because it's classic Danny Trejo. His comic chops are so great. He's Gypsy's father, and Cisco and Gypsy's relationship has blossomed. They've been dating for eight months now, but I don't think he enjoys anybody dating his daughter, much less Cisco. That creates a little bit of tension between the two. Their storyline in Episode 4 may be one of my favorite things that we've ever done on the show.

It's pretty obvious from Todd Helbing's words to Collider that he enjoyed working with Danny Trejo and crafting the character he portrayed. As he mentioned, Breacher is Gypsy's father, and it sounds like papa bounty hunter is none too pleased with his daughter taking up with Cisco. Even though the fans know that he's a great guy, it makes sense that someone who's probably spent most of his life tracking down bad guys would be super suspicious of anyone who tries to get close to his daughter. And, since Gypsy is also a bounty hunter, I can imagine that she got most of her skills from Breacher, meaning that she and dear old dad may be even closer than your standard father and daughter, and that Breacher is even more likely to be protective of her. Poor Cisco; he's finally dating the woman of his dreams and now he has to deal with her intimidating father.

Of course, it sounds like the new season of The Flash may show us a slightly softer side of Danny Trejo, as well. He, at the very least, probably won't be covered neck to ankle in sharp-ass knives, even though Breacher is sure to be a scary dude. When Todd Helbing talks about there being a "classic Danny Trejo" scene, I'm really trying not to immediately assume it means a scene where he kills someone. Especially since Helbing mentions how on point Trejo's comedic timing is, and how the show is using it to great effect when it comes to the tension between Cisco and Breacher. Cisco has always been more capable of bringing the laughs than any other character on The Flash, so I can't wait to see how he deals with his girlfriend's disapproving dad.

Well, we can see how this dynamic between Danny Trejo's Breacher, Cisco and Gypsy plays out in Season 4 of The Flash, which debuts on The CW tonight, Tuesday, October 10 at 8 p.m. ET. To see what else you can catch on the small screen in the coming months, be sure to check out our fall TV premiere guide and Netflix premiere guide.

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