Even The Walking Dead Vet Emily Kinney No Longer Watches The Show

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The Walking Dead recently returned for its ninth season. Despite the promise of tremendous drama lying ahead in Season 9, the ratings recently hit a new low. Among those not watching are Walking Dead alum, Emily Kinney, who played Beth Greene on the series. Kinney revealed she just doesn't have the inclination to watch the zombie drama, noting,

You know, I don't, because I don't watch a lot of TV and I travel a lot. I'm not, like, avoiding it. I just don't. I just don't. I mean, there's no --- I'm not specifically going, 'I'm not gonna watch it!' But I just, if I'm home, and I'm like, 'What do I want to watch today on TV?' I don't find myself wanting to watch it. I just don't, it's scary! I do like it, I like the show. I've loved watching it when I do watch it, I think it's so great. I'm proud of it. But I just don't watch.

While Emily Kinney is supportive of the show and speaks highly of its quality, she is not tuning in nor does it seem like she plans to, thanks to the scary nature of the zombie drama. Kinney answered whether she still watches The Walking Dead in an interview with Cleveland.com's Stalking Dead Podcast. The actress starred as Maggie's younger sister Beth for several seasons before being killed off of the show in Season 5.

While Emily Kinney doesn't seem to be one of the people who watched for a long time before giving up on the show, I would be remiss if I didn't note the ratings for The Walking Dead, which has been hitting new lows even as the show is taking on what is arguably its most ambitious season to date. The Walking Dead will be saying goodbye to its lead, Andrew Lincoln, and concurrently Rick Grimes will be leaving the show. He has been the driving force behind most of the action on the series thus far and how he will make his exit is currently a mystery. Albeit speculation that he will be killed off is one of the more popular theories.

The question of how he will exit the show had been expected to boost the ratings. With so many deaths and exits before him and the especially fan-shaking death of Rick's son, Carl, fans seem to have turned the channel. Could there be a limit to how much fans are willing to take? The ratings fatigue could be a possible hint that there is.

It is not as if The Walking Dead's ninth season has not been delivering some answers. Light has been shed on the helicopter mystery as has the identity of who killed The Saviors, but the wait for answers is not giving the show teeth. With many fans expecting Rick Grimes to die this season, Emily Kinney is not the only person not making the show a priority.

Events such as Emily Kinney's own exit have marked lows for the series throughout its history. As of Season 9, fans are waiting to say goodbye to both Rick and Maggie. One departure is expected to be permanent in nature. The other not so much. While ratings have been down leading up to Rick's big exit, they could soar when it actually happens. Fans tend to return to a show they have left for major moments, such as a long-term character leaving the show, out of loyalty or sheer curiosity to find out what happens. Of course, there are always recaps; watching it unfold is another story.Perhaps, even the former actors on the series will be watching then.

If you want to tune in, new episodes of The Walking Dead air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. The zombie drama is among a slew of series returning this fall.

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