The Rock's New TV Show Debuts Intense First Trailer

Commercials have been teasing The Rock's new competition series The Titan Games for weeks now, and finally, the first full trailer for it has arrived. From what is shown below, things are going to be pretty intense in this game show. The footage teases some people engaged in some pretty labor-intensive activities. Take a look!

On one hand, we shouldn't be too surprised a muscle man like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would create a show that highlights challenging feats of physical strength. On the other, there's some other-worldly feats on display in this first trailer! Dudes are demolishing wrecking balls with sledgehammers, and women are playing tug of war with a metal log on an incline. Are these the exercises that made The Rock so swole?

Jokes aside, The Titan Games certainly looks to be filled with challenges that could only be completed by folks who spend a good deal of time in the gym. That certainly seems to be the case, as the contestants featured all seem to have their personal reasons for being in peak physical condition. Those reasons will apparently be inspirational. According to Dwayne Johnson, The Titan Games will be "the most inspiring show on TV."

It's hard to poke holes in that statement, especially when looking at some of the men and women the show found to compete. That 50-year-old woman is particularly impressive, and her story alone may tempt audiences to tune in for the opening episode. There's also a man with a prosthetic arm seen in another quick clip, which seems to mean The Titan Games is open to challenging the toughest individuals from all walks of life.

The random challenges shown in The Titan Games trailer seem intense enough, but the final gauntlet Mount Olympus looks absolutely wild. It's like the obstacle course from American Ninja Warrior was built on an incline, and then made extra difficult just for fun. Getting past a few of those would be a tremendous achievement for most, and whoever can conquer all seven challenges and make it back down definitely deserves the title of Titan in our eyes!

Once a contestant has officially earned the title of Titan, it's on them to hold that title in successive episodes. The Titan Games starts with six Titans, with others losing their position if a contestant defeats them. That continues until the season finale, which will feature the Titans competing until one male and female are crowned champions. It definitely sounds similar to past installments of American Gladiators, although these challenges look way tougher than the things shown on there.

The Titan Games is set to premiere on NBC Wednesday, January 2. Lots more television will arrive before Dwayne Johnson's new series, so be sure to check in with what's on the way by visiting our fall premiere guide.

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