New Elseworlds Clip Shows The Flash With Green Arrow's Fighting Skills

The CW's upcoming "Elseworlds" crossover released its first clip recently, and the footage showed Stephen Amell's "Barry Allen" very confused and shocked that his wife Iris is kissing him. Now, another clip has surfaced with Grant Gustin sparring against Diggle and utilizing the Green Arrow's fighting skills.

Much like Stephen Amell's Barry Allen, Grant Gustin's Oliver Queen is confused by the fact he's being referred to by his good friend's name. Diggle, much like Iris, is oblivious that anything has changed, while Gustin's Queen is clearly aware that something is amiss in this situation. Gustin's Queen realizing he has Green Arrow's fighting ability somewhat snaps him out of it, although by the end of the promo his mind is just as blown as Amell's Barry seemed to be.

The new teaser presumably sheds some light on what was happening in the first one and sends some theories to the front of the line regarding what "Elseworlds" will follow. It now seems more likely that Earth 1's Barry and Oliver Queen have traded lives. Strangely enough, both heroes appear to be aware they're not who they're supposed to be, despite other characters' insistence otherwise. Is this the result of some Flashpoint level event, or does Monitor have a hand in this?

What's even weirder is that while the two men are in disbelief of who they are, they seem to have each other's gifts. The footage has only confirmed that with Gustin's Oliver, although Stephen Amell's various photos of himself in a Flash costume have us thinking he'll have Barry's speedster powers as well. So, provided that's all accurate, what's next?

Well, if the two men are on the same world, chances are they're going to try and meet and make sense of everything that's going on. If they aren't, they'll have to embrace their new lives and abilities as best they can until the reason behind why this happened becomes clear. Here's hoping they're on the same Earth, as we'd love to see the actual Barry's reaction to the news that Oliver kissed his wife.

There are more questions to be pulled from this latest "Elseworlds" teaser, as well. Why is Grant Gustin's Oliver sparring with Diggle, and not currently locked up in Slabside? Granted, Felicity and the gang felt they've figured out a way to free Oliver from prison, but we're not sure it'll happen before the crossover. Also, we're wondering how Barry and Oliver's Freaky Friday experience has anything to do with Supergirl and Batwoman. Does this mean they'll swap identities too?

Hopefully, more details will come to light ahead of the "Elseworlds" crossover, which is set to begin on The CW Sunday, December 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what's headed to television before and after that, be sure to visit our handy fall premiere guide.

Mick Joest
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