Black-ish Honored Prince In All The Best Ways During Its 100th Episode

ABC's hit comedy black-ish arrived at a major milestone on Tuesday: its 100th episode. To mark the occasion, the sitcom commemorated the legacy of late music icon, Prince, which led to multiple tributes via the characters recreating the hit-makers' songs and notable music videos. Check out Anthony Anderson's Dre performing "Kiss" below:

Thanks to the Johnsons reminiscing about the wonder that is Prince, fans also gained an intriguing insight into Dre and Bow's first date. As it turns out, Prince played a pivotal role in the couple's love story, and Dre shared how the iconic singer's music gave him a pivotal confidence boost to overcome a bad first date with his future wife.

Theoretically speaking, if Dre had not experienced the power of Prince -- if not Prince's wardrobe -- there might not have been a second date. Personal touches like that were woven throughout the special episode of black-ish.

Dre was not the only one to perform a Prince recreation, either. There were multiple tributes throughout the 100th episode. Tracee Ellis Ross' Bow got in on the action too. She takes Prince's "Erotic City" to an empowering level in the video below:

During the episode, Dre and Bow shared the wonder of the singer's talent with their kids, hoping the younger generation would equal their enthusiasm and affection for the singer. Jack was especially hesitant to come aboard, though he did eventually come around to praise the music legend before the episode of black-ish came to a close. (His flashback was quite different from the rest, too.)

Dre and Bow's kids did join in on the fun, though. Zoe, Junior, and Diane all honored the singer in different ways. Junior shared that Prince's music had also had an impact on him, leading to his totally SFW recreation of "Sexy M.F." Find out how exactly Prince inspired him, via the video clip from black-ish below:

Would it be a tribute to Prince without "Purple Rain?" If your answer was "no" than do not worry, because black-ish had it covered thanks to Diane. Check out Dre and Bow's daughter rocking that signature look for her take on "Purple Rain."

In the end, black-ish completed its special installment with another Prince hit -- "Nothing Compares 2 U." This time, the entire family joined in, and all with their live vocals too! Along with the songs mentioned above, black-ish also paid video tribute to "When Doves Cry" and "Sign O' The Times." In all, the episode encompassed quite a bit of Prince's stunning catalog.

Having now arrived at its 100th episode, black-ish has hit the number of episodes traditionally needed for syndication, so we might get to see it popping up elsewhere on TV soon. Thankfully, black-ish opted to avoid doing some kind of clip show, and instead commemorated Prince. The singer passed away two years ago, and his legacy lives on, with this episode of the ABC hit honoring him in ways he hopefully would have chuckled at.

New episodes of black-ish air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. The show is among many shows hitting primetime this fall.

Britt Lawrence

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