The Fun Homage Justice League Pays To Prince And David Bowie

Warning: minor spoilers ahead for the upcoming movie Justice League! Really minor, though, really.

Remember when Tim Burton's Batman used the late Prince's "Trust" in its climactic scene? What about when a recent trailer for Justice League used Gang of Youths' cover of the David Bowie's "Heroes?" The DC universe has a history of paying homage to these music titans, and it looks like Justice League will do it again by memorializing them alongside Henry Cavill's Superman. Check out the following picture from a Justice League event in London to see how the upcoming film paid its respect.

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If you look closely at the image in the top left corner, it looks like one of The Daily Planet's competitors has run with the idea that David Bowie and Prince, like Superman, were not from this world. Who knows? Maybe David Bowie really was an alien, and he merely returned to Oa as a member of the Green Lantern Corps when he died. I can dream, can't I? In a very meta piece of storytelling, it shows how the death of two real icons and one fictional icon have very much rocked everyone on the planet (especially Lois Lane) to the core.

Beyond the fact that is simply a great way to pay homage to some beloved musicians who have left us in recent years, this picture taken by Syfy Wire at a Justice League event also shines some extra light into how the world has changed in the wake of Superman's death at the end of Batman v Superman. We already know that the world mourned the Man of Steel after his sacrifice during the battle with Doomsday, and we also know that his death eventually spurred Amanda Waller to create Task Force X in Suicide Squad. Even a full year after the death of the Last Son of Krypton, it looks like everyone in this DC movie universe will still be feeling the impact of his untimely passing.

Alas, it looks like Superman may not remain among the ranks of these dearly departed musicians for much longer. Although the marketing material for Justice League has not shown him alongside the other members of the League, the House of El symbol in the promo campaign (plus the fact that Henry Cavill is in the movie) has led many fans to conclude that Supes will return and round out the ranks of the team. With Steppenwolf, his Parademons, and the forces of Apokolips set to strike on Earth, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the League will need all of the help they can get.

Make sure to get your tickets for Justice League ahead of its November 17 theatrical release, and be sure to take a look at all the stuff we currently know about the long-awaited DC superhero team-up before it finally hits the silver screen.

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