Clive Standen Reveals Rollo's Mindset As Vikings Season 5 Returns

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Rollo will be making a more prominent return to Vikings when the History drama continues on November 28. What is the mindset Rollo is in when the story picks back up in the second half of Season 5? When asked about filling in the blanks regarding Rollo's life off-screen, actor Clive Standen shared some insight, saying:

He's spent his whole life trying to accomplish some things, trying to be known, be famous, and to be rewarded by the gods and to be respected by his peers. And he's now, conceivably, he's got the people, he's got the wealth, he's got the land, he's got the acknowledgement and the riches and all the things that come with that, but is he really happy? Was he happier before?

It sounds like Rollo is restless again. A restless Rollo is always good news for Vikings. Clive Standen goes on to tell Showbiz Junkies that Rollo is having to contemplate his mortality. Thus, thoughts of the afterlife are not far behind.

Rollo is in a unique position. He now has respect, fame, fortune, a family, and -- in his mind -- the rewards of the gods. All are things Rollo thought would satiate him, early in Vikings' run. Apparently he is struggling with whether it has all been what it is said to be. So where does he go from here? Well, he still has some unfinished business, as Clive Standen revealed:

And he puts some of those things to the side, or other people have forced him away, so now's his chance to go and open up those wounds and hopefully get some respite by someone putting some salt in them. And the somebody I'm talking about is Lagertha and Bjorn -- the two reasons he has to come back.

That's right. You can thank Lagertha and Bjorn for his return. Bjorn is his nephew by way of his brother Ragnar. Lagertha being Bjorn's mother and Rollo's former sister-in-law is not the only dynamic to their relationship. Rollo has a history of romantic feelings for her. Whether he will attempt to pursue those feelings is unclear.

Perhaps he is just seeking Lagertha and Bjorn's forgiveness. Rollo's track record with his people since becoming a count and marrying into Frankish royalty has not been great. He and Ragnar ultimately faced off again when the latter led another effort to attack Paris. Rollo ended up defeating Ragnar in an epic river battle.

In the aftermath of Rollo's victory, Ragnar pretty much fell apart. Rollo's brother was left relatively broken by the experience. His subsequent disappearance and eventual return ultimately led to him being executed. A lot has happened in between that time, which could bode both good and bad for Rollo's hope of reconciling with Bjorn and Lagertha.

If Rollo is hoping to make-nice with his nephew and Lagertha, he has a long road ahead. His involvement will be a neat ingredient for the show. Vikings always flourishes as a series whenever Rollo is around. He is a complex character. Frankish by choice and a Viking by birth, you would be hard-pressed to find a character as caught in the middle.

It will be interesting to see where the last half of Season 5's story takes him. Elsewhere in his interview, Clive Standen mentions Rollo drinking some sort of tonic. He also hints that Rollo is "slowly dying," possibly "sooner than we think." Is Rollo motivated by thoughts of a final adventure? We will all have to tune and see. Hopefully, he is legitimately backing Lagertha. She needs all the help she can get if she hopes to unseat Ivar.

The second half of Vikings' fifth season, also known as Season 5B, will premiere Wednesday, November 28 on the History channel. The drama series is among many returning with new seasons this fall and throughout the midseason.

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