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Fired WWE Wrestler Made A Scene At Survivor Series, But Security Wasn't Having It

WWE's Survivor Series pay-per-view is an event where the Smackdown and Monday Night RAW rosters come together for battle. It's also a night where surprise appearances are possible, with the WWE known to surprise viewers before, during, and after the in-ring action. Even "fired" wrestlers have returned before, although it appears the brand wasn't planning on hosting recently terminated wrestler Enzo Amore making a comeback. The former superstar was forcefully removed by security after making a noisy scene during Survivor Series.

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Enzo Amore was removed after an attempt to "hijack" the crowd's attention during a match. Amore stood on his chair, cut some high-decibel wrestling promos, and led those in his immediate vicinity in reciting his former catchphrase "How you doin?"

Members of the crowd that quickly surrounded Amore were heard repeating the chant, though it got interrupted when that security guard intervened and pulled the wrestler backwards off of the chair. There were quite a few boos and shocked exclamations, though it's unknown if that reaction was entirely related to Enzo's removal, or only about what was happening in the ring.

What is known is that some fans felt Enzo Amore's physical removal was unfair. That thought seems to have been shared by Amore as well, as he attempted to head back to his (presumably paid for) seat while security tried to remove him from the arena entirely. The New York Post reported Amore indeed wasn't allowed to return to his seat, but that the former WWE wrestler was allowed to go free without further incident once he agreed to leave the arena.

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In a business where the lines between reality and entertainment are often blurred, some may think Enzo Amore's scene was a "work," or fake event, made to look real in order to get the audience invested in a pre-conceived storyline. The WWE's failure to address Amore's attempts to disrupt Survivor Series would indicate otherwise, not to mention how he was handled. Of course, some could argue that pretending it didn't happen could be part of the WWE's work as well, selling the angle further.

While Amore didn't get an official shoutout from the WWE brand, he did seemingly get some acknowledgment from someone on the brand's roster. Amore's ex-girlfriend and current WWE superstar Liv Morgan sent out a vague tweet during the festivities, which seemed to be referencing her ex-beau's removal from the Staples Center.

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Enzo Amore's attempt to interfere with the PPV comes after 10 months after the WWE fired him in January following accusations of sexual harassment and assault. The case was closed with no filed charges in May 2018, and Amore attempted to regrow his wrestling brand via independent wrestling endeavors and a rap music career. Amore's removal from Survivor Series came just days after he made headlines days before for getting kicked off a commercial plane for vaping.

The follow-up to Survivor Series will go down on Monday Night Raw, which airs on USA Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Maybe they'll bring up Enzo Amore's antics then. For a look at what else is coming to television as one year changes to the next, or in the months ahead, be sure to visit our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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