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Legends Of Tomorrow Just Revealed A Dark Side To The Time Bureau

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Legends of Tomorrow episode "Tagumo Attacks!!!" Read at your own risk.

The Legends of Tomorrow team had their hands full with the sea beast Tagumo in "Tagumo Attacks!!!" but the real shocker of the episode was not the team overcoming the beast. Instead, a twist came out of the side adventure at the Time Bureau and teased the organization may have dark intentions for the creatures in its care.

The Time Bureau adventure started with a surprising invitation by Hank, who invited Ava Sharpe to attend the Heywood family Thanksgiving. Nate tried to prepare Ava as best as he could, but nothing could prepare her for the heavy drinking, starvation, and petty arguing of the Heywood event.

Meanwhile, Legends of Tomorrow showed Gary back at the Time Bureau during the holiday to ensure nothing went wrong. Because Gary is Gary, the exact opposite happened and some of the mythical beasts managed to escape their room. Unable to handle the situation on his own, Gary called Nate and Ava for help.

Nate left his family's Thanksgiving and left Ava to cover for him so Hank and the rest of the Heywoods wouldn't suspect he was missing. Ava tried her best, but eventually had to drop the act that everything was fine, and she and Hank head to the Time Bureau to help Nate and Gary. Thankfully, the situation is under control, but only because Nate figured out they were all hungry and Mona had food.

It all seemed to be the end of a fun little adventure until Hank flipped the script with an ominous statement.

These creatures are controllable. I've seen it. I don't care how much it costs. We're going to make this happen. Project Hades is go.

Project Hades? That's something Legends of Tomorrow hasn't mentioned before, and it certainly doesn't sound all that nice. It seems as though Hank has a specific plan in mind for these captured creatures, although we're unsure exactly what that may be. We also don't know who he's talking to, as well as their interest is in creatures contained in the Time Bureau.

We don't even know if Ava is aware of Hank's plan, although Jes Macallan's comments about their relationship may show she could look the other way for the sake of her job. Basically, Ava might not be too worried about the big picture in Hank's plans for the creatures, instead choosing to focus on the task of ensuring the Time Bureau's future through funding.

There definitely is a tension between Hank and Ava constantly because she's always trying to please him. He's the head money guy and she's just trying to do what's right and taking her job very seriously. I think there is a bit of blindness on her side, of just, 'We have one task.' She can be a bit that way, actually, which is interesting to play and to discover. She's very kind of hyper-focused on one thing, and sometimes emotion gets shut down because of that. So I think the Hank situation gets very muddy for Ava and the Legends, and what that all means because she's just kind of tunnel vision on these magical creatures, containing them, if you will.

Whether or not Ava is aware of Hank's intentions or Project Hades is unclear, but it sounds like she may be inclined to go along with it provided it ensures the Time Bureau's future. The question is whether or not she'll continue to fall in line as Project Hades progresses, or she'll alert Sara and the others if Hank's project deems to be something as sinister as it sounds.

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