Another SNL Vet Just Joined Taran Killam On ABC's Single Parents

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The Taran Killam-led comedy Single Parents has had some early success at ABC that's led to full Season 1 order. That back half of episodes just got a whole lot more interesting, as Killam will be joined by fellow Saturday Night Live alumn. Vanessa Bayer has joined the cast of Single Parents in what will be a recurring guest star role as Will's ex-wife.

Will's ex-wife Mia is a human rights lawyer who has been abroad for the past five years saving human lives. TVLine reported her character is described as "scarf-wearing and bracelets jangling" type of woman, and noted that she believes Will's life is a breeze when compared to hers. The exact date of Vanessa Bayer's Single Parents episode is unknown, but her appearance is said to happen sometime in January.

Bayer's character Mia sounds like a real pistol, and someone who will be a real thorn in Will's side anytime she's around. Specifically, Mia likes to think her ex-husband's life is relatively easy compared to her own, and will often undermine his parenting skills when she can. Clearly, this may cause some problems with Will when she's around.

As mentioned, this will be a reunion for Taran Killam and Vanessa Bayer who co-starred together on Saturday Night Live. The two's run lasted largely the same time, with Bayer staying with the late-night sketch show one more year than Killam did in total. The two shared a handful of sketches together over those years, and even portrayed a married couple, like their characters once were on Single Parents.

Vanessa Bayer's latest role on Single Parents comes as the actress has been appearing in more projects as of late. Bayer had a short run on Netflix's cancelled series Love, as well as a small guest star role on NBC's Will & Grace. As Will's ex-wife, obviously there may be other opportunities to bring her in for future episodes should Single Parents make it past Season 1. Of course that's no guarantee, especially given Mia's apparently busy life elsewhere.

Vanessa Bayer's guest-star role on Single Parents may open up the floodgates, as other former or current castmembers of Saturday Night Live may hop into the series in various roles as well. This includes Killam's former co-star Kenan Thompson, who also shared a bond with Killam in that they both got their start at Nickelodeon. Killam also appeared with various other high profile SNL talent such as Andy Samberg, Kristen Wiig, and Bill Hader to name a few.

Single Parents airs on ABC Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET. For a look at other things happening on television over the next couple of weeks or when the fall's best shows will return in 2018, check out our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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