Jersey Shore Family Vacation Spoilers: Angelina's Psychic Grandma Apparently Predicted JWoww's Divorce

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Warning: the following contains spoilers for Jersey Shore Family Vacation's "Here We Go Again" episode.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is usually good for giving viewers an in-depth look at the events of tabloid headlines past, but very rarely has an episode been prophetic. That is until now, anyway! In the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Angelina dropped the bombshell that her psychic grandmother believed that JWoww and Roger would be getting a divorce. Angelina mentioned it to JWoww while the girls were getting ready for dinner.

My grandmother is a psychic. Do you know what she said to me? 'I'm sensing someone is in talks for a divorce.'... she sees in the future, Jenni and Roger getting divorced... and even just talking about it a little bit my grandmother knew...

JWoww brushed off the prediction by Angelina's grandma and said she talks about getting divorced from Roger all the time. For the record, no direct talk of that had occurred on past episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, but it's possible any discussions of that may have been cut from final episodes. Regardless, Angelina's grandma appeared to be right on the money with her prediction, as JWoww officially filed for divorce in late September.

So is Angelina's grandmother Jersey Shore family Vacation's resident psychic? It was rather impressive she managed to put her bets on JWoww over others, but it's not as though there wasn't signs that would've tipped her off. JWoww's husband Roger had posted a rather revealing post on Instagram about their marriage troubles while Season 1 was filming, and it's possible grandma Angelina spotted that. Although JWoww wasn't willing to believe, Angelina seemed to trust her grandma's predictions, mostly anyway.

My grandmother is a psychic, and she knows what the hell the future holds... My grandmother does say some crazy ass shit though.

One point in favor of Angelina's grandma is that she committed to JWoww's relationship ending before that of Ronnie and Jen. If she were looking at the tabloids and predicting relationships ending, there would be far more evidence that their relationship was the doomed one. Of course, Ronnie and Jen aren't married, so it wouldn't make much sense to predict their divorce unless she's seeing things well into the future.

The revelation of a psychic grandma was just another interesting layer to the life of Angelina and may have solidified her role on Jersey Shore Family Vacation as a permanent cast member. Who doesn't want her to stick around now that she has a psychic grandma? That said, she may have already gotten that role by default, as more and more cast members appear to have conflicts standing in the way of appearing in another season in the near future. Perhaps now is the time for an Angelina spinoff with her eclectic family?

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