How Jersey Shore Family Vacation's Snooki Supported JWoww After Divorce News

Jersey Shore Family Vacation was all new on Thursday night, but the biggest news regarding the show would not come from the boys' final night in Las Vegas. The big news came hours before the episode when it was revealed that Jenni "JWoww" Farley filed for divorce from husband Roger Matthews. Understandably, JWoww was not tweeting along with her castmates during the episode, although she was apparently available to do so as she retweeted her best pal Snooki's tweet that supported her best friend:

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Snooki's tweet supporting her best friend came not long before their on-screen reconciliation, which was the result of a fight the two had in an earlier episode. Both Snooki and JWoww hopped on social media soon after the fight aired to say it had been edited to create tension that wasn't there, despite the fact that it did seem part of JWoww's reason for leaving was tied to Angelina as the show portrayed. This recent news adds another layer to the story, as Asbury Park Press said JWoww filed for divorce just days before Snooki and she called out the show's portrayal of their fight.

Details behind the reasons of divorce are scant, but the court document requesting the marriage be dissolved claimed the two had been having problems for at least six months. The timeline is consistent with the revival that is Jersey Shore Family Vacation, making it possible that their split is a result of JWoww doing the show. There's no denying Jersey Shore Family Vacation has caused turmoil in the romantic lives of some of its castmates, although to this point the series had not shown any tension in Jenni's relationship with Roger. Outside of the show, however, Roger posted a video on Instagram that indicated he wasn't happy with his wife's decision to reunite with her castmates while she was filming Season 1:

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JWoww's divorce certainly raises an interesting question about the future of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, as yet another member of the cast is single yet again. It's tough to say how this life change will affect JWoww on future seasons of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, or if this might be what leads to her backing out of the series. The show has already had to do quite a bit of cast juggling in Season 2 with Deena's pregnancy and Ronnie's various issues, and while it has done a solid job filling those voids, it may get to a point where too many cast members will need time off, making another season difficult.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation continues on with Season 2 Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Fall season is in full swing, so be sure to keep track of all the shows coming over the next few months with our fall premiere guide.

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