Hallmark Is Somehow Going Even Harder On Christmas This Year

Erin Cahill in a Hallmark Channel Movie

We've reached the point where Christmas comes extremely early. Thanks to people just eating up holiday lights, tunes and media, the second Halloween wraps up it's easy to find whatever type of Christmas joy you want. Over at the Hallmark Channel this year, the company is producing even more holiday content. We recently learned that the station is producing a record-breaking 37 movies this year.

Christmas movies have been a staple on the Hallmark Channel for a long time, and this year will be no different. New broke this week the company will be producing 37 brand spanking new holiday movies this year. This will break the record that Hallmark already broke last year with 33 flicks.

The movie that will get The Hallmark Channel up to 37 is a new Christmas-based movie called Last Vermont Christmas. Per reports, the new movie will follow a group of siblings who return home every holiday season. However, this year it looks like their parents are selling the home... of course, to one of the siblings' previous love interests.

As noted by EW, Erin Cahill and Justin Bruening will star in the romantic holiday movie and it will be their characters, Megan and Nash, who offer the main romance in the film. Nash will be the dude purchasing Megan's parents' home.

The conflict will come because Nash will be Megan's ex. Of course, it's Hallmark, so it's likely all will be well that ends well in the network's 37th movie this year.

Erin Cahill took to Instagram when the news broke, noting,

Ending it with this announcement of our sweet Hallmark Channel movie... is icing on the cake. Hope YOU are having a great Monday, too. Thankful for my job that I love and to the people who watch! #christmasiscoming

Some of the other movies coming this year include some of Hallmark Channel's other favorites. Candace Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert, Danica McKellar, The Flash's Danielle Panabaker, When Calls The Heart's Erin Krakow and Lori Loughlin all have new movies. In addition, LeAnn Rimes, Christina Milian and Kellie Pickler (and America loves Kellie Pickler) will be on the network around the holidays this year. Previously, Hallmark had announced 36 holiday movies, which would have been a record, but 37 is even better.

The lineup looks rockin' and it actually will start fairly soon with Christmas at Permberly Manor on October 27. (Which is before Halloween! Shocker.) The final movie, Focus on Love, is expected to air on December 29. The newly added Last Vermont Christmas will air smack dab in the middle on November 19 at 9 p.m. ET.

To see what else is headed to television before the winter break, we have you covered. Take a look at what's coming with our full fall schedule or look more in depth into Hallmark's upcoming movies.

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