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You Penn Badgley Joe Lifetime

"You" have not seen the last of the Penn Badgley-led series, YOU. Before the series premiered, Lifetime had given the dramatic thriller a renewal. That second season will still happen, just with a twist. It will not be on Lifetime. You is headed to Netflix.

The streaming giant has picked up the spectacular series' second season. YOU will return as a Netflix original when it makes its Season 2 bow. The move is not entirely unexpected. YOU's first season is set to arrive on the streamer in late December, as the perfect binge. When the show was renewed, the option for it to continue on Netflix was already in the cards.

This news means the jaw-dropping finale will not be left without a sequel season. YOU's move to Netflix is a significant and wonderful sign for the show. While it aired on Lifetime in the 10 p.m. ET slot, YOU's adult themes felt slightly constrained due to it airing on cable. Originating on Netflix should give the already-brilliant show even more room to flourish.

For those unaware of its plot, YOU follows Penn Badgley's Joe, a bookstore manager, whose infatuation with an aspiring writer is quickly revealed as an obsession. Pretty Little Liars' Shay Mitchell also stars in a pivotal role as the best friend of Joe's crush, Elizabeth Lail's Beck. YOU's premise and its execution make it a thrill-ride that readily subverts expectations at every turn.

Having struggled to find a robust audience during its initial run on Lifetime, Netflix could prove to be a different story. YOU's binge-worthy setup should make it one of the most buzzed-about entries of winter. Being able to go from episode-to-episode will be an element that goes in its favor for new viewers.

There were many times while watching it unfold week-to-week where it more than lent itself to pressing "next episode." In truth, every episode of Season 1 funnels itself into the next with ease. Not a series to take a rest, YOU's first season just keeps ramping up the pressure.

Thank goodness for Netflix: a platform that does give freshman shows a chance to find an audience that may have missed it initially. Were it not for Netflix, the low ratings could have been enough for YOU to end up a show that was cancelled way too soon. Thankfully, fans will not have to worry about that for now.

YOU has what it takes to become a pop culture sensation. Time will tell if that can happen. As does whether Penn Badgley's awards-worthy turn receives the merit it deserves. Here is to staying tuned!

Catch up on one of the year's best when YOU premieres December 26 on Netflix. The thriller is among many shows arriving this fall and throughout the midseason on the streamer.