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Supergirl Has Cast A New Comic Book Villain To Join Manchester Black

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Supergirl has blurred the lines between heroism and villainy in Season 4 by introducing sympathetic villain Manchester Black and polarizing "good guy" Agent Liberty. The former's attempts to avenge his dying wife haven't been so successful as of late, but a new cast member could turn the tides. Supergirl just added Major Crimes and Chasing Life vet Jessica Meraz to play the beastly villain Menagerie, otherwise known in live-action as Pamela Ferrer.

It's probably already obvious that The CW and Supergirl producers aren't giving away the lion's share of major details when it comes to Menagerie's introduction to the Arrow-verse. There are a few, though. According to Deadline, Supergirl's Menagerie will be a jewel thief whose moral compass doesn't hinder her from bringing violence to others. That's a pretty grounded take for the character to start off with.

Menagerie, first introduced in Action Comics in 2001, initially got brought into Manchester Black's mission to rid the Earth of scum, including Superman. She's got a pretty particular talent, too, as she's able to control symbiotic alien parasites. The villain is a part of Manchester Black's evil squad The Elite on the page, and this is as sure a sign as any that Supergirl may be introducing the antiheroic comic book team. Let's get Vera Black and Coldcast added soon, shall we?

It's definitely interesting to note that Supergirl is taking on the first iteration of Menagerie, Pamela, who wasn't given a last name in the comics. Her sister Sonja took up the Menagerie mantle some years later in an attempt to turn The Elite into a more heroic group. So keep a look out for anyone with that name walking around National City in the back half of Season 4.

Supergirl will be actress Jessica Meraz's first acting gig inside the world of comic book superheroes. She's definitely not new to television, though. Having appeared on shows such as Greek and Baby Daddy, Meraz got her first big break on ABC Family's Chasing Life. Meraz most recently popped up as a new star for the final season of TNT's Major Crimes. The latter may have had a bigger average viewership, but I'm betting Supergirl puts her in line with a more vocal fanbase.

I can't wait to see what Jessica Meraz will look like when she takes on the role of Menagerie. The character didn't exactly have the most traditional fashion sense, and her wings aren't something that can be easily cloaked in public. But then it's not like David Ajala's Manchester Black boasts the colorful hair that the villain does in the comics and animated projects, so perhaps Pamela will be rocking a slightly different look in live-action.

Kara currently has enough problems to worry about that she doesn't need Manchester Black finding any more help out there, but things may lighten up once the "Elseworlds" crossover is behind her. Bonding with Batwoman and defeating evil Superman might just do the trick.

That wacky trio of episodes will kick off on The CW on Sunday, December 9, with an episode of The Flash, with Supergirl's installment airing on Tuesday, December 11. To see what kind of new and returning shows are hitting elsewhere as Supergirl and the other Arrow-verse shows go on hiatus, head to our fall TV premiere schedule and our midseason TV rundown.

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