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Legacies Star On Josie's Romances And Love Triangle With Rafael and Lizzie

Legacies, The CW

Spoilers below for the most recent episodes of Legacies, so be sure to catch up before reading on.

It's safe to say Legacies started with curious fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals tuning in to check out the spinoff. But now that the show is finding its own rhythm, fans have become invested in a few of the new characters -- and especially in the characters' relationships.

Kaylee Bryant plays Josie Saltzman, who has a crush on Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) and kissed him in Episode 4. But Episode 5 ended with a surprise hookup between Raf and Josie's twin sister Lizzie (Jenny Boyd). How and when will Josie react to that pairing? Bryant told CinemaBlend we'll see for ourselves in this week's episode:

I think that she reacts appropriately. Josie has never mentioned her feelings toward Raf, so she can't really let herself feel angry or upset, because she didn't give Lizzie the chance to stop herself, because Josie didn't feel like her voice mattered enough in that situation. So you'll definitely see that kind of unfold in Episode 6.

Josie may be interested in Rafael at the moment, but fans are 'shipping her across three different pairings. #Hosie shippers would like to see Josie with The Originals tribrid Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell). #Posie shippers want Josie back with her "evil ex" Penelope (Lulu Antariksa), especially after Penelope's Episode 5 speech defending Josie to Lizzie. And other fans want #Rosie to happen for Josie and Rafael.

When I asked which 'ship was Kaylee Bryant's favorite for Josie, she had a diplomatic response:

You know, it's funny, I say all the time I really don't [have a favorite ship for Josie]. I think the fans get so invested because they're invested in the stories, and me as Kaylee, I'm invested in who I do the most scenes with. And I love doing scenes with all three of those actors. So whoever Josie does or doesn't end up with, if it just means I get to keep acting with these fantastic actors, then I'm all in.

The actors have become like family, so you can't blame her for loving all of them. She did, however, name her favorite 'ship of the show -- and it has nothing to do with Josie. It's Lizzie and MG.

Since she works on the show, it's not surprising to hear Kaylee Bryant praise upcoming episodes. But she pointed to Episode 5 as where Legacies really started to find itself (agreed), adding that the drama only gets better from here:

Every single script I get keeps getting better and better. It started probably with Episode 5, funny enough. When Lizzie slept with Raf my heart was broken for Josie. I was sitting there, flipping the pages going 'OK, so how does she react? What happens?' And then I realized that was the end of the episode. I felt that kind of anxiousness that you get when you finish an episode on Netflix and you have to watch the next episode. And ever since Episode 5 I've had that feeling every single time of 'I HAVE to watch the next episode, I have to see what happens next.'

It's hard for a new show to find its footing, even when -- or maybe especially when -- it's the joint spinoff of two previously successful shows. Legacies' monsters of the week are starting to come together, and we're building toward an overall big bad.

Episode 6 is going to continue that, with Vampire Diaries nods in the return of "Mombie Dearest" Jo, and also an update on where Caroline Forbes-Salvatore has been, with a connection TVD fans should recognize. It's also meant to be the most emotional episode of the series so far for Josie, Lizzie, and their father Alaric Saltzman.

Kaylee Bryant previously told me Episode 6 will go a long way toward helping Josie find her voice -- thanks to the unexpected arrival of Jo. Josie is known for being the more selfless Saltzman twin, even though she said Lizzie is the best person she knows. Based on Bryant's quotes, it doesn't sound like Josie will hold a grudge against Lizzie for gettin' busy with Raf. If the situation were reversed, Lizzie would probably have another meltdown. But that's why Josie is the nice twin.

Personally, in terms of Legacies 'ships, even though MG is currently into Lizzie, I'd love to see MG with Josie. Two kind friends slowly discovering each other over time. Can I make an early request for (they may need better shipper name) #MGosie to be end game?

In the meantime, Legacies Season 1, Episode 6, "Mombie Dearest," airs Thursday, December 6 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Here's what else is still airing on TV in 2018, and what we can look forward to in midseason 2019.

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