Netflix's Most Binged Shows Don't Include Anything Marvel

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Netflix is the place to be for binge-watchers who want a seemingly endless variety of shows to choose from, ranging from originals in just about every genre to plenty of licensed content (for now). Those who love to marathon their TV content have a lot to delight in on the streaming giant, but they apparently weren't delighting in binge-watching anything Marvel in 2018. None of the six Marvel shows cracked the Top 10 most-binged shows of 2018, despite the fact that four of those six premiered new seasons this year. Ouch!

Take a look at the Marvel-less Top 10:

1. On My Block2. Making a Murderer: Part 23. 13 Reasons Why: Season 24. Last Chance U: INDY5. Bodyguard6. Fastest Car7. The Haunting of Hill House8. Anne with an E: Season 29. Insatiable10. Orange Is the New Black: Season 6

The ranking of the Top 10 most-binged Netflix (opens in new tab) shows of 2018 makes it somewhat easier to understand why Netflix felt justified in cancelling Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil this fall, as well as why we shouldn't be too shocked if Jessica Jones and The Punisher get the axe (and all disappear from pop culture for a couple of years) get the axe after their next seasons release.

The data for this ranking takes into account Netflix series that were released between January 1 and November 28, so technically the real top binge-watched show could turn out to be a wild card if droves and droves of subscribers decide to watch in December. Netflix measures binge-watching viewership by the highest average watch time per viewing session, and these numbers are based on U.S. viewing data. As it happens, November was a very big month for the streamer.

It's worth noting that the shows' rankings on the list is not related to overall viewing, so it's not like we can say based on this that practically nobody watched the Marvel shows. Also potentially worth taking into account is the fact that Daredevil's third (and now final) season only premiered on October 19, 2018, so it only had a little over a month to earn a spot on the list of most binged shows.

I do have to wonder if it stings the folks at Marvel at all that shows like Anne with an E was binged by more folks. I personally love the Anne of Green Gables adaptation, but who could have guessed back in the height of Marvel Netflix craze that it would ever beat the likes of Daredevil and Jessica Jones?

My biggest surprise is that On My Block occupies the #1 spot on the list. It wasn't the most talked-about show to debut on Netflix this year, but apparently plenty of people were binge-watching it! On My Block also released back in March, so it did have eight months for subscribers to binge-watch. I'm not in the least surprised to see Bodyguard and The Haunting of Hill House on the list, as Bodyguard stars Game of Thrones alum Richard Madden and the delightfully frightening Hill House released shortly before Halloween.

2018 is almost over and thus we're running out of new shows in this year's Netflix lineup, but our 2019 Netflix schedule proves that there's plenty to look forward to. If streaming isn't always your style, we have more options on our 2019 midseason premiere guide.

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