First Trailer For Netflix's The Haunting Of Hill House Is Slick And Scary

The official trailer for Netflix's new horror series The Haunting of Hill House has arrived, and it is pretty nightmare-inducing. Prospective viewers can get an eyeful of the upcoming TV adaptation of Shirley Jackson's 1959 novel, plus a much closer look at Carla Gugino's lead character and a much better understanding of her backstory. Proving why haunted mansions are always horrifying, here is the trailer for The Haunting of Hill House:

Lots of eerie moments punctuate the trailer, which hints at many mysteries within Hill House's walls. Such as if the children at the beginning are reciting something they already know is going to happen, or if Hill House knows what they fear and therefore makes it their reality. Maybe that's digging a little too deep? What we do know is that the younger kids seen in the first look images are the children of Carla Gugino's character, and it also appears that Henry Thomas is playing their dad.

It also seems as though Gugino's character never ages, which could mean she is a ghost or the victim of some curse, or that her storyline only takes place in one timeline, with others explored elsewhere. The trailer seems to hint that Game of Thrones' Michiel Huisman and Emerald City's Oliver Jackson-Cohen are playing the grown-up versions of the younger boys. This all a theory, though. Let's get to the trailer's standout moments to which there is more definitive room to talk.

Even in just the trailer alone, you can feel the essence of Oculus and Gerald's Game director Mike Flanagan's handy work. Having helmed those unsettling flicks, as well as Netflix's non-supernatural thriller Hush, Flanagan was a great choice to take on The Haunting of Hill House as series creator and helmer. While we can't speak to the storytelling yet, the visuals are vibrant with a constant fright factor. The little kids describing that terrifying nightmare at the beginning is perhaps the most chilling moment, and it resonates throughout the trailer with a prickly feel.

The hand reaching underneath the bed at the 1:24 mark is particularly disturbing, calling back to all those signature nightmares about something being underneath the bed. Or having to hide under the bed only to have an ominous figure look underneath, as is seemingly shown in the trailer. All in all, this is one creepy promo that is bound to get horror fans enthused for the show's debut.

For a bit of background, The Haunting of Hill House tells the tale of five siblings who grew up in the most famous haunted house in America. Suffice it to say; it does not go well for all involved. Unfortunately, this family never got the memo that moving into a slightly dilapidated mansion seldom ends well. Here's hoping the first season nails the ending, though.

The wait until our first visit is much shorter than it used to be. Prepare to get your scare on when The Haunting of Hill House arrives on Netflix just in time for Halloween, on Friday, October 12. In the meantime, there are lots of fall premieres to keep you busy, including those on the streaming giant itself.

Britt Lawrence

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