Netflix's New Series Is Running At 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

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Netflix recently imported the massively popular series Bodyguard. The thriller was a breakout hit when it aired on BBC earlier this year. Along with thrilling audiences, the series is having a similar effect on critics. Netflix's hot new import is currently running at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

To date, the review aggregator has checked 45 critical reviews of Bodyguard's first season. In a staggering feat, all of them have given the series the much-wanted "fresh" ranking, according to Rotten Tomatoes. Thus, giving the series a "certified fresh" rating. Bodyguard has earned an average rating of 8.53 out of 10. Its audience score is comparably high with 87% liking it.

The critical consensus has praised Bodyguard for its maintained suspense and addictive nature. That last part definitely makes you grateful you do not have to wait a week to watch the next episode.

Bodyguard's success marks one of the rare times high ratings have converged with high critical marks. The six-part series was a phenomenon when it originally aired in the U.K. For its star, that is not an entirely unfamiliar feeling. He was on Game of Thrones. Richard Madden, who starred as the ill-fated Robb Stark on the HBO hit, takes the lead in Bodyguard.

The series follows Richard Madden's Sergeant David Budd, a British-Army war veteran, who served in Afghanistan. He now works as a bodyguard for Protection Command. As part of this role, he is assigned to protect British Home Secretary, Julie Montague. Actress Keeley Hawes plays her and the dynamic between the two leads is cause for lots of character-driven intrigue.

Between the critics and the audience buzz, it remains to be seen how well the show is doing on Netflix. Suffice it to say there is reason to believe it is doing well. Bodyguard debuted on the streamer on October 24, giving prospective viewers more than enough time to have binge-watched it by the beginning of the next week.

As for its critical accomplishment, Bodyguard is one of five series to have currently captured the certified fresh rating. HBO's The Deuce, NBC's The Good Place, and Netflix's adult cartoon series BoJack Horseman and Big Mouth are the others. Interestingly, three out of the five series stream on Netflix. The Good Place's previous seasons also stream there. It is safe to say that the streaming giant has a lot of what the critics want.

Bodyguard offers a television destination for Game of Thrones fans to be especially enthused to see. As one of the show's most talented actors, it was bittersweet to have him cast as Robb Stark. On the one hand, Madden was the best actor to play the role. On the other, it meant his time on the show was short-lived.

Find out if he makes it out of Bodyguard alive! Season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix. The thriller is one of many TV shows making their debuts this fall on the streaming giant.

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