Titans Season Finale Trailer Reveals A Batman And Robin Showdown Is Coming

Titans is not holding anything back for its Season 1 finale. The series will be taking on a showdown heavily teased in the lead-up to Titans' premiere. It is going to be Batman versus Robin in the final episode of the season and you can check out the chilling trailer below:

This Titans episode looks nothing shy of epic! Talk about a showdown! Batman versus Robin? Batman is the reason Robin has his skills. Now, Robin is going to harness them against his mentor. It is not going to be an easy fight for either of them. The teacher and the student going toe-to-toe. Get ready to hunker down for one heck of an episode.

Batman is on the edge, and only Robin can bring him back, or so everyone around Dick Grayson seems to think. The Titans trailer opens up with Jason telling Dick that Batman is in trouble. In trouble, as in Batman has gone off the deep end in the pursuit of justice.

In the new preview, Jason tells Dick that things have gotten worse in Gotham. Commissioner Gordon is dead, and Batman is going to kill The Joker. That's when Jason lays it on him. He wants Dick to return to Gotham and convince Batman not to do it.

Despite the sight of a speeding Porsche, Dick says that Batman is no longer his responsibility. Not too long after, he says that Batman never had a conscience, so there are definitely some harsh words from Batman's former protege in the Titans trailer. When Batman ends up taking it a step even further, Dick realizes he has to act and it all leads to a literally explosive showdown.

Dick tells Batman that he wanted him to end up give into "the darkness" and become "him," who Dick identifies as a murderer. That's when Dick says, "let's end this." Sounds beyond ominous. How either Batman or Robin can come out of this unscathed will be a mystery.

Dick has had some harsh things to say about Batman in the past, but it seems to be now that he will be taking action. Dick's portrayer, Brenton Thwaites, previously teased the Batman viewers would see in the Titans timeline, noting we would learn more about backstory and why the characters on Titans are motivated to behave certain ways.

Will Robin be able to reach Batman before it is too late? If Batman were to back down would Dick really offer him a safe way out of everything? Based on his mindset in the Titans trailer, Dick seems pretty finished with him. Their showdown should be as psychological as it is physical. This is a bold story for Titans to tackle in Season 1 and as the story notes, there are a lot of questions that will need to be answered.

Find out how it unravels when the installment debuts. The Season 1 finale of Titans premieres Friday, December 21 on DC Universe. The season ender is among many new episodes airing this fall, but even more new shows await viewers atmidseason and throughout the new year.

Britt Lawrence

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