DC Universe's Titans Unveils First Look At Wonder Girl Donna Troy

Titans has rolled out a lot of characters in its first season, and soon, it'll unveil yet another big character important to the Teen Titans of comic lore. It's been known for months that the DC Universe series would introduce Wonder Girl, and now we have our first look at Conor Leslie's character in action. Check out Donna Troy getting her technology on in the photo below, and looking focused and drawn in by whatever is on that computer screen.

Donna Troy Conor Leslie Titans DC Universe

Donna Troy's appearance in Titans is somewhat of a bigger event compared to past guest starring heroes, as she's traditionally been an actual member of the superhero lineup. That doesn't seem to be the case in Titans, although her introductory episode could lead to her having a larger presence in the show further down the stretch. For now, she'll be appearing in the Season 1 episode named for her, which is set to air on Friday, November 30.

This will be Donna Troy's first live-action appearance, in an event which could lead to some other crazy appearances on Titans. While we still have yet to learn how Donna will be portrayed in this telling of her character, one of her past origins had her as the sister of Wonder Woman. Other comic book origins simply had her as an Amazon or even a magical golem. Unfortunately, the only reveal this picture shows is she's handy with a camera.

Donna Troy Conor Leslie Titans DC Universe

Titans' first look photos of Donna Troy are really giving off a vibe similar to Jessica Jones. Donna appears to be on an investigation of some sort, as photographing the skins of big game isn't really the best photography subject for someone creating artwork. Also, an investigation would explain her focused look while checking out the computer. That definitely looks like the face of someone researching rather than checking the likes their weird animal skin picture got on social media.

Even Donna Troy's official powers are a mystery, as that portion of her comic book history has been changed and retconned several times. Even so, she's generally known to have superhuman strength, the power of flight, and above average endurance and speed. Again, none of that is on display in the photos, so who knows what Titans has in store for her. Essentially, her multiple conflicting origins and powers have made her a blank slate for the show to shape!

Titans airs new episodes on Fridays only on the DC Universe platform. For a breakdown of all the new shows headed to television in the coming weeks, or for a look at what's ahead in 2019, be sure to visit and bookmark our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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