How Ellen's DJ tWitch Feels About DeGeneres Possibly Quitting Her Daytime Show

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Just days after news surfaced that Ellen DeGeneres is contemplating bringing an end to Ellen, Stephen "tWitch" Boss -- her sidekick on Ellen's Game of Games and DJ on the talk show -- is sharing his thoughts on the program ending. DJ tWitch wasn't bitter about the rumblings his boss might be ending the program, but expressed his support for his longtime coworker.

Man, let me tell you something. She deserves everything and more. What she has done just a. for culture, the culture of kindness and just doing what you can to give back to the world. Absolutely, man you have to remember that daytime TV is an everyday grind, you know what I'm saying? So, absolutely man. She's putting in work. She's doing the daytime show. She has her Netflix special out. She has shows on HGTV, so absolutely. When she's ready to hang it up, she absolutely deserves to hang it up.

He has no problem with Ellen DeGeneres ending her show and taking a break from daytime TV. As tWitch mentioned, the grind of a weekday show can be daunting, especially when someone has a plate as full as Ellen's has been with the various projects she's involved in. He told TMZ that while DeGeneres has done more than enough to deserve retirement, he heavily doubts she can stay away from other projects for too long.

DJ tWitch's latter statement makes sense, and seems to link up with the viewpoint of Ellen DeGeneres' wife, Portia De Rossi. Rossi believes that ending Ellen will free up DeGeneres' schedule, and allow for her to pursue other ventures such as podcasting, acting, or other standup specials. In general, ending Ellen would grant the comedian to pursue many other creative endeavors that she otherwise has limited time for presently.

The DJ's most recent comments on Ellen DeGeneres retiring are more positive than the ones prior. When asked about the rumors earlier in the year, tWitch revealed he will be sad when Ellen comes to an end, as he's enjoyed the ride thus far. That said, tWitch maintained that he understood DeGeneres' standpoint, and referenced how long she's been doing the show already.

As of right now, it would appear that Ellen isn't leaving the air in the immediate future. DeGeneres signed a contract extension that will keep her on air until Summer 2020. It's likely the world will know before then if DeGeneres has signed on for more episodes, or if she'll be moving on to try her hand at some other projects.

Those other projects could be more like Ellen's latest Netflix standup special Relateable, whichs tap into a side of her personality the mainstream has rarely seen since she's entered the daytime circuit. DeGeneres jokes about her nice personality in the special, and mentions how it has cursed her to be cordial even in times she wouldn't like to be. Perhaps without Ellen, she'd be freer to pursue projects and interests that further distance her from that persona.

For now, viewers can check their local listings and enjoy Ellen weekdays on its designated time and station. For a look at what else is happening on television, be sure to visit our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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