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Should This Is Us Have Gotten Golden Globe Nods? Milo Ventimiglia Reacts

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Awards season for television is coming once again. As some shows are looking forward to seeing if they'll win a Golden Globe in January, This Is Us is on the outside looking in. Despite the NBC show's continued popularity, it received 0 nods ahead of the 2019 award show. While some on the show may be bothered by it, Jack Pearson actor Milo Ventimiglia isn't too concerned about the lack of recognition for Season 3.

It's the way that it is. What matters most to me is how happy my crew is filming, how satisfied our bosses are, and the conversations that continue to happen from the audience. That's what matters the most to me. Being recognized by larger groups is great, but I don't hang my hat on it.

Milo Ventimiglia added that, when it comes to award shows and nominations, he's not a huge fan of the proceedings. While it may feel great to those nominated, and even better to those who win, Ventimiglia said he feels it ultimately diminishes the work people put in on shows that aren't recognized. For that reason, the actor said the whole thing doesn't really matter to him much.

Milo Ventimiglia is happy if This Is Us is recognized by larger award show organizations, but he expressed those folks are near the bottom of his list when it comes to the show. Instead, Ventimiglia said he's more worried about the crew, the bigwigs at the network, and what the audience is thinking of the program. Ventimiglia told Variety a person telling him they're a fan of his work means more to him than an award.

This Is Us missing out on the Golden Globes, despite Milo Ventimiglia's indifference, is a bit shocking. Just last year, the NBC drama scored three nominations, with one nomination specifically for Best Television Drama. The series won one of the categories, with Sterling K. Brown taking home the award for Best Actor In A Drama Television Series. Despite the lack of recognition from the Golden Globes, the show still remains one of the most popular on Tuesday night primetime.

This Is Us hasn't been snubbed by all award shows this season. The show received two Screen Actors Guild nominations recently, both in categories it won the year prior. Plus, the series ended the first half of its ambitious Season 3 with arguably one of television's most shocking twists of 2018, so perhaps next year the Golden Globes may recognize it once again. Milo Ventimiglia may be indifferent either way, but perhaps others in the cast will be thankful.

This Is Us returns to NBC for Tuesday, January 15 at 8:00 p.m. For a look at what all is happening with television in the coming weeks, be sure to visit our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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