Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews Ad-Libbed A Line So Filthy That Everyone Stopped Working

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is exactly the kind of show that you would expect to allow its actors to ad-lib lines. The show is filled with those skilled at comedy, and the actors who aren't are still old hands at the craft of acting, and also know their characters inside and out, so they know how to come up with a line or two. But, apparently, those on set were ill prepared recently for one such instance when Terry Crews tried his hand at it. So unprepared, in fact, that all action on the set stopped when Crews dropped a bit of a bombshell on the production. According to Crews:

I had one where I'm ashamed. I'm actually very ashamed. God, it was so jarring. Everyone from behind, they were like, we actually...everybody had to regroup...for five minutes. I was like, oh my god! I was like, yo yo yo, everybody OK? Everybody all right? We had to check with everybody to make sure, but it was hilarious.

Wow. Terry Crews must have really dropped a whopper on everyone who was around for this particular filming session of Brooklyn Nine-Nine if cast and crew members actually needed to be checked on after he lobbed his ad-lib their way. While we don't know what the particulars of this scene were, it certainly seems like we have something to look forward to when the new season starts up.

So, why was this group of consummate professionals so surprised by the language that Terry Crews used on set on this fateful day? Well, it tuns out that dirty words do not fall from this man's lips on any kind of regular basis, at least not when he's in work mode. Actors Joe Lo Truglio and Melissa Fumero were both on hand, and while each noted how shocking it was, Fumero went a step further to note that Crews' usual lack of naughty talk is kind of what made the moment work.

We can have fun with these curse words, 'cause sometimes we can just like, add to 'em, and I think they had told him to just ad-lib, make it a little longer, and Terry just went...I literally shocked me and I didn't know what to say. He was so dirty, but it was so satisfying to hear Terry say it.

If you noted that Melissa Fumero mentioned how they can have fun with curse words, you might be wondering how, since Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always pretty much been a profanity free show. Well, because the comedy has now moved from Fox to NBC, they can be a bit freer in the language they use on screen.

Star Andy Samberg and creator Dan Goor told E! News that Fox had a no-bleeping and no pixellation policy. This means that the network was unwilling to allow edited scenes where actors used curse words or were maybe not fully dressed. Lucky for us, and the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, though, NBC will let them go crazy with bad words and bare butts, as long as it gets bleeped or blurred before the episode hits the air.

As a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan, I would love it if the take of Terry Crews basically shutting down the set with his filthy mouth gets bleeped and put in the episode to leave us all wondering (even more) what he could have said. I suspect we'll know if they decided to use the take when the show comes to NBC, starting Thursday, January 10 at 9 p.m. EST.

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