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The Resistance lives on! The latest animated Star Wars TV show has scored a renewal for a second season on Disney Channel. Star Wars Resistance is the first show in the Star Wars franchise to be set in the sequel trilogy era, and it has already managed to incorporate a number of characters fans recognized from the movies. As if the renewal news wasn't enough to hype fans up about the future of Resistance, a midseason trailer reveals a huge movie villain in the mix, and that's not all. Take a look!

Well, if you thought Star Wars Resistance would somehow avoid the devastating events of The Force Awakens and keep Colossus mostly separate from the larger goings-on of that galaxy far, far away, I'd say that this trailer is proof that the tragedies of The Force Awakens are going to impact Resistance. If this is a taste of what Season 1 still has left, I'd say we have a lot to be excited about for Season 2! The second season will premiere in fall 2019.

As for the new midseason trailer, General Hux's appearance marks the debut of a key movie villain, and Force Awakens fans will notice that his line in the trailer about the "last day of the Republic" is precisely what he said in the movie before Starkiller Base was unleashed, killing countless innocent people and establishing the First Order as rivaling or even surpassing the Empire of days gone by.

Now, as much as Kaz's story in Star Wars: Resistance began because of his drive to work with the Resistance, and Resistance fighters (including Leia) appear in the trailer, a lot of the action is likely going to stay with his Colossus group of friends. The Force Awakens doesn't feature any of the Resistance original characters, and The Last Jedi picks up almost immediately after The Force Awakens with a seriously depleted Resistance.

Like Rebels before it, Star Wars Resistance can showcase heroes standing up against evil powers without necessarily inserting them into the big Star Wars events that franchise fans know well by this point. (Admittedly, Rebels did quite deliberately end before the beginning of the original trilogy.) Resistance executive producer Justin Ridge chatted with CinemaBlend about why the show was originally set before The Force Awakens; that era seems to be ending.

The midseason trailer indicates that the folks of the Colossus will be in plenty of danger on the home front, even if Poe is clearly in the mix and Leia is spotted communicating (with a new voice) with Kaz. Tam appears to wind up in the clutches of the First Order, and that never ends well for anybody other than Benicio del Torro, and Kaz will seemingly have a heart-to-heart with Yeager that is a far cry from their interactions at the beginning of the series. And what about those Aces in the new trailer?

Fortunately, the wait for new episodes is almost over. Season 1 of Star Wars Resistance returns to Disney Channel on Sunday, January 13 at 10 p.m. ET. For now, Resistance is the only option for Star Wars action on the small screen, as new episodes of The Clone Wars are still a ways off, as is the live-action Mandalorian series and the live-action Rogue One prequel. If you need some non-Star Wars TV options, check out our midseason TV premiere schedule!