Vikings Fans React To History's Cancellation News

Vikings fans have been sent reeling by the announcement that the History series will be coming to an end. So, they have done what anyone in their position would do: take to Twitter to air their feelings. Here is what one fan had to say following the cancellations news:

So, there is a lot of frustration over Vikings' cancellation there. The tweet contains a Vikings GIF of Bjorn, in his early days, taking out his own frustration with a moment of shield-throwing.

Does he get that temper from Rollo? We may never know for sure. Regardless of what Season 5B revealed, Rollo is related to Bjorn either way. Back to the tweets. Here is another one:

The response to that tweet is where things continue to get interesting. With one fan acknowledging things have not been the same since a certain character exited.

This Twitter user is not alone in feeling that Vikings lost a significant part of what made it tremendous when Ragnar was killed. He had been the central focus of the series for a reason. The quality of Vikings has not been the same since.

This brings us to the tweets of fans who sort of saw the cancellation news coming. Check out their reaction to the announcement:

This tweet is very accurate. Vikings is in a totally different than it used to be. As a result, those who loved the show when it began may not feel so attached to it now that it has gone through so many changes. One fan who says they have not watched much of the show shared their feelings:

Only one of the three characters this Twitter user mentioned is still on Vikings. That certainly is a sign of how much the show has changed through the years. Ragnar and Athelstan are both deceased. Lagertha is the sole survivor of the trio.

She is not faring too well these days. If Lagertha does not survive Season 5B, that would leave the sixth and final season in the hands of few original characters. As a character, Bjorn has been around since the first episode, just played by different actors. So, Bjorn like Lagertha is one of the only characters from Season 1 left.

Despite the cancellation news, this fan has chosen to embrace the positive side of everything. Check out their reaction:

Fans will have a lot of time to continue sifting through their response to Vikings being cancelled. It is not like most, in that it will not involve a sudden off-switch.

The bright side to the cancellation is that it will be a while before fans feel its impact. Vikings is set to wrap up following another season. So, there is still the rest of Season 5B, which to date comprises three episodes. Then there is Season 6, which fans already knew was coming.

The sixth season will be comprised of 20 episodes, so there are a lot of episodes left of Vikings before it signs off. In related news, the Vikings universe will not disappear completely following Season 6. There are those plans for a spinoff to continue the story.

For now, the story will continue for a while before Vikings' cancellation takes effect. Find out how the season settles out when Season 5B continues airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on History. Vikings is among many shows that will continue airing new episodes during the midseason.

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