Vikings' Travis Fimmel Just Landed His First Big Follow-Up Role

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Vikings star Travis Fimmel is headed back to television! The actor has just landed his first big follow-up role, and it will mark a significant genre change for him.

Travis Fimmel has boarded the upcoming TNT series, Raised by Wolves, per Deadline. While its title may evoke Vikings' cutthroat vibes, it will be a considerable change-up from the History series.

Raised by Wolves is a sci-fi drama that already has a straight-to-series order, so you should not have to worry you will never get to see it. So, what is this new show about? Well, the plot is as futuristic as they come.

The series is from writer-showrunner Aaron Guzikowski and Blade Runner director Ridley Scott's Scott Free Productions. It centers on a highly intriguing premise. Raised by Wolves will revolve around two androids that are assigned to be a father and mother.

Per the report's description, the duo will have to raise six human children on a "mysterious virgin planet." The human colony will be on the verge of being torn apart due to their religious divergences. In turn, the androids will learn that trying to control human's beliefs is a "treacherous and difficult task."

Sounds like a job for Ragnar Lothbrok! Maneuvering religious differences and managing lots of children is something that Travis Fimmel had to handle as Ragnar. Interestingly, the comparisons do not end there.

Travis Fimmel's character in Raised by Wolves is named Marcus, and the sci-fi character and Ragnar have something in common. During his run on Vikings, Ragnar had six children. That's the same number Marcus will be tasked with raising. That is probably where the comparisons end, though. Fans of the actor will have to tune in to see for certain.

Travis Fimmel has not been on a TV show since he completed his run on Vikings in 2017. As expected, his absence set off a seismic shift in the series. Following his exit, Fimmel signed on for a Wyatt Earp anthology for A+E. Fast forward roughly two years into the future, and the project has yet to premiere.

It is unclear what Travis Fimmel signing on for Raised by Wolves will mean for the promising-sounding anthology. Whatever the status on the project, Fimmel will be returning to television, which is the giant silver lining worth seizing here.

Travis Fimmel played a crucial role in making Vikings the success it initially became for History. As an actor, he brings something to the screen that few actors can.

There is a unique, enigmatic quality that Travis Fimmel imbues his characters with, which adds lots of dimension to them. So, it will be exciting to see what he comes up with to portray an android. There is a lot for him to explore.

No premiere date has been set for Raised by Wolves, so stay tuned. As for Vikings, the end is near for the drama. However, it still quite a bit into the future.

Catch the final three episodes of Vikings Season 5B when they air on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on History. The show is among many that will continue airing new during the midseason.

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