The Blacklist: Why Does Red Need The Pharmacist?

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Warning: This story contains spoilers for the latest episode of The Blacklist Season 6 -- "The Pharmacist (#20)."

The Blacklist saved its big twist for its final moments. Throughout "The Pharmacist (#20)," the task force worked to track down a notorious biohacker. Spalding Stark was working to cure illness through cutting edge means. As revealed in the episode's last minutes, Red had his own agenda for the task force getting Stark.

Dembe came to visit Stark during the final scenes of The Blacklist's latest episode. Stark affirmed that he was still working on whatever Red had assigned him to do. The insinuation being that Red has Stark working on some sort of exclusive treatment for something. The questions being for what and for whom?

This is the second time that Red has targeted a blacklist-er working in the medical field in Season 6. The first was Dr. Hans Koehler in the two-part season premiere. Koehler was a plastic surgeon, who had done previous work for Red.

The episode hinted it had to do with Red's secret past. However, there are other explanations for it. Flash forward to "The Pharmacist," and Red is in need of a biohacker for a mysterious end. Figuring out what Red wants potentially treated by Stark is a tall order.

Given that Spalding Stark was working on a cure for MCDD, it makes sense that could be what Red needs the treatment for. Stark seemed close enough to a cure for MCDD that it seems too obvious for him to be working on a cure for MCDD for Red.

When it comes to "who" this cure is for -- that's where there is more room to speculate.

Red may not be working to cure someone currently on-screen on The Blacklist. The whereabouts of Liz's mom remain mysterious, to say the least. Is Red looking for a cure for her? If there is anyone he would go to great lengths for it is Katarina Rostova. There is one other slight possibility -- Katarina Rostova's husband.

Fans will recall that Constantin Rostov burst onto the screen previously on The Blacklist. He had been diagnosed with a blood disorder; he ultimately kidnapped Liz's daughter, Agnes, in an attempt to extend his life.

He left The Blacklist presumably alive. Could the words Red whispered have to do with helping Constantin receive a cure? It seems like a stretch. However, you can never rule out any possibilities when it comes to The Blacklist.

Red could also be needing a cure for himself. However, he has presented with no symptoms. Perhaps, The Blacklist has not wanted to give viewers any on-screen clues just yet? The next person that Red could be wanting to help is Samar. In several instances, "The Pharmacist" alluded to Samar's health issues.

Red has not been around Samar a great deal, so how could he know about her condition? Then again, this is Raymond Reddington, and whoever he was before, he is resourceful and in-the-know about most things. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that Red is aware of Samar's health.

On a side note, this episode was enthralling from start to finish. "The Pharmacist" proved to be yet another outstanding entry of The Blacklist that showcased Red and the ensemble as a whole. You cannot go wrong with Red in a courtroom and the task force in hot pursuit of a target.

Find out what is Red is ultimately up to when new episodes of The Blacklist's sixth season air Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The crime drama will continue airing new throughout the midseason.

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