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Kara Melissa Benoist Supergirl The CW

As fans and superhero enthusiasts alike look forward to Supergirl's official introduction to Lex Luthor, the CW series' executive producers are teasing how his presence will impact Kara. Will she rise to the occasion against one of the greatest villains of DC Comics, or buckle under the pressure? Robert Rovner recently revealed that Lex is going to be someone that Kara is going to feel some extra pressure to take on, thanks to an obligation to family.

I think she feels the challenge. I think with Lex around, it's her cousin's big foil, and I think she feels the responsibility to bring a character like that to justice in probably a bigger way than she would've if Clark were around. She doesn't want to mess it up.

The pressure is on for Kara, who won't have her cousin around to aid in the fight against his biggest arch nemesis. While she may not wish to mess things up, Supergirl has a lot to juggle with Alex protecting her identity at the risk of her job at the DEO, and Ben Lockwood's imprisonment emboldening his supporters. With all that, it's safe to say Kara may not be at her best to take on a foe like Lex Luthor.

Which may mean some bad things, as Robert Rovner told Comicbook that all these situations happening on Supergirl will "dovetail" by the season's end. Whether Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor will prove to be responsible for a lot of what's happening, or find a way to add to the chaos is unknown, but Rovner told EW his character will propel the rest of the season forward once he's involved.

We're super excited about the introduction of Lex Luthor into our world and Jon Cryer's portrayal of the character. I think that he's the biggest supervillain we've had the show, and his plans will kind of touch every character and impact the entire season moving forward once he arrives.

Lex Luthor's role sounds huge, and with his introduction happening ahead of the Arrow-verse's "Crisis On Infinite Earths" crossover later this year, some may wonder if his run will only last for the season or if he'll be sticking around long enough to play a part in it. That would seemingly rely on Kara's ability to stop him without her cousin to play backup, so fans will have to wait and see what happens when these two go head-to-head.

Luckily, the long wait for new episodes is over as Supergirl is back on The CW Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET. 2019 is jam-packed with new and returning shows in the first part of the year, so be sure to head on over to our midseason premiere guide and see the newest and most high-profile programs looking to make a splash in the new year.