Sandra Bullock's Infamous Stalker Is Dead After Police Standoff

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Joshua James Corbett, best known as the stalker who broke into Sandra Bullock's house in 2014, has passed away. And the result of his death is pretty dramatic. As it was just reported, Corbett died on Wednesday in front of his La Crescenta house in California after a five-hour altercation with SWAT. His death is pronounced to be self-inflicted. It began when the Los Angeles police department attempted to serve a warrant to his place, only for Corbett to barricade himself inside the building and grow hostile. Details are fleeting right now, but here's what we know about the SWAT situation with Joshua James Corbett.

As reported by E! News, The SWAT team was brought to the residence after Joshua James Corbett talked about hosting a weapon on his person and made threats to use it. The crisis negotiators spent five hours trying to persuade Corbett to leave the house, but they were ultimately unsuccessful. It was when they eventually decided to enter the premises that the team discovered Corbett's corpse, where he had died from a self-inflicted wound. It remains unclear what kind of self-inflicted wound it was, though, as there are now conflicting reports as to whether or not the death was a result of a gunshot. It's also unclear what the warrant was for, though there's reason to suspect what it could be.

Back in 2014, Joshua James Corbett made headlines for stalking and breaking into Sandra Bullock's house. Bullock was in her house during the incident, and the A-list actress found herself hiding inside her closet as she altered the authorities to Corbett's break-in. Notebooks found by the police later suggested Corbett's intentions to assault the actress. The traumatic ordeal eventually resulted in Corbett pleading no contest for his crimes, and in May 2017, Corbett struck a plea deal which found him released from jail where he was then sentenced to 5 years probation and treatment in a mental health facility in the L.A. area. Joshua James Corbett was released from the mental health facility in June of last year.

It's possible that the warrant issued by the L.A. Police Department involved the probation, but that's not official. Also, Sandra Bullock was granted a 10-year protective order against Joshua James Corbett because she was concerned about her stalker's early release. The stalker was initially held on a $2.185 million bail for charges of felony stalking and burglary. As of this time, Sandra Bullock has not addressed the death of Joshua James Corbett.

Away from this stalker situation, Sandra Bullock will next be seen on the big screen in Ocean's 8, which arrives in theaters in a little over a month on June 8th.

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