Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Going Full Scream Queen Again For Creepy Super Bowl Commercial

Sarah Michelle Gellar was known back in the 90s for more than just slaying vampires, as she appeared in some killer slasher films and became an iconic scream queen. Now, Gellar is returning to her scream queen roots for a creepy Super Bowl commercial, and while it’s no I Know What You Did Last Summer, it could deliver some frights on Super Bowl Sunday! Take a look:

If you had told me back in 1997 after I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream 2 (not to mention The Grudge in 2004) that Sarah Michelle Gellar would be back in a slasher project for an Olay commercial, I would not have believed it! Olay has not yet released the full “Killer Skin” commercial for our viewing pleasure, so we’ll have to tune in to the big game (or wait for it to hit the web afterward) to see it.

The Super Bowl broadcast is always filled with enough fun commercials that even non-football fans have good reasons to watch, and catching the full Olay commercial could be worth it. It’s not clear what exactly is going to happen to Sarah Michelle Gellar in “Olay Killer Skin,” but a large man in a creepy white mask seems to have broken into her home.

In one of the quick shots, she’s sitting with somebody on the couch, and that somebody unfortunately doesn’t appear to be Freddie Prinze Jr. That somebody also doesn’t seem to be present in the scenes of the masked man chasing down Sarah Michelle Gellar; will he come to an untimely end? Will it be because he doesn’t use Olay products? Will this commercial reveal that Olay is effective at deterring serial killers as well as moisturizing? Does one have to be a 90s scream queen and Olay user to deter serial killers?

Presumably we’ll find out on Super Bowl Sunday. The big game (and all of its big commercials) will air Sunday, February 3 at 6 p.m. ET on CBS. “Olay Killer Skin” certain looks to be one of the creepier ads that will play, although I don’t think any Super Bowl commercial will every freak me out more than Mountain Dew’s puppy-monkey-baby spot from back in 2016. Perhaps one year I will get over that; this is not that year.

If the 2019 ads are anything like the 2018 ads, we can count on some other big names than just Sarah Michelle Gellar in segments. Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman were rapping about Mountain Dew and Doritos, and Pepsi brought back a bunch of familiar faces for a nostalgic commercial. Throw in Danny DeVito as a human M&M, and 2018 set a high bar for bizarrely entertaining commercials. With commercials like “Killer Skin,” could 2019 be even better?

Check out Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, February 3 to see all the best commercials… and also the Patriots battle the Rams, if that’s your kind of thing! Maroon 5 will play the halftime show this year. For some non-football viewing options, swing by our midseason TV premiere guide.

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