Who Will Win Super Bowl 53, According To Tecmo Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, it's that time of the year again where video game simulations are used to predict who might come away the victor at this year's big event. Well, with the teams in place and the action set to get underway soon, Tecmo Super Bowl was used to simulate the potential outcome of the upcoming real life sporting event.

The 18 minute video simulating the Los Angeles Rams taking on the New England Patriots for the glory and honor of coming away the winner of Super Bowl 53 was posted on the official Tecmo Super Bowl YouTube channel.

The Rams start the game after winning the coin toss, but the Patriots end up with an early turnover and 7 points on the board before the end of the first quarter. But with just seconds to go, the Rams tie it up with a touchdown and a 1-point conversion. The Rams repeat their success in the second quarter with 7 more points. They score a field goal in the third quarter for a 10 point lead. Tom Brady manages to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter along with a conversion to put the New England Patriots back in the running. This is followed by another touchdown and one between the goal posts, putting the Patriots up to 21 over the Rams' 17. However, at the last second Bryce Hager manages one final touchdown and helps push the Rams up to 24.

The final score turns out a 24 to 21 tally in favor of the Rams with that last second touchdown and 1-point conversion through the post. It was surprisingly intense and a serious back and forth game where both teams put in a lot of tactical efforts to edge up the field and score whenever possible.

The comment section found the game to be “incredible” and even if you aren't a fan of football, it's not hard to see how the dynamic last-second plays from both teams throughout the four quarters would make for amazing television in real-life... assuming things play out that way.

Now, what's actually crazy is that while these simulations might just be games, Electronic Arts' Madden NFL series has had a very, very, scary accurate prediction of exactly what happened in a couple of Super Bowl games. From crazy pass-plays to incredible and unbelievable comebacks, the Madden NFL simulations manage to pinpoint what can happen in ways most people probably didn't think imaginable.

But, the big question is if Tecmo Super Bowl will be able to replicate the success rate that we've seen from the EA Sports titles in predicting the outcome of the match? Well, time will tell.

It's become somewhat of a tradition to use the EA Sports and 2K Sports games like the annual NHL outings or NBA 2K to make predictions on how some big games will play out, but it's nice to see other games get in on the fun like Tecmo Super Bowl. We'll find out how close this particular prediction is when Super Bowl 53 gets underway on February 3rd, 2019.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.