The New Mountain Dew Ad May Be The Creepiest Thing Ever

The Super Bowl is a massive event in American culture on more fronts than just football. The commercials during the game on Super Bowl Sunday can always be counted on for entertainment as companies get creative to make the most of their expensive ad time. Well, the new Mountain Dew commercial for the Super Bowl certainly is creative, but it’s also super creepy. Check it out…if you dare.

Don’t be alarmed if your entire body shuddered at the end of this commercial. I know mine did.

It’s hard to say which part of this Mountain Dew commercial, which was posted on the Mountain Dew YouTube page, is actually the creepiest. The puppy head licking the guy’s face is pretty unsettling, the monkey arm shaking the rattle is probably going to haunt nightmares all over the country, and the dancing baby legs connected to the monkey torso are something that cannot be unseen, but the fact that the puppy monkey baby is actually talking and trying to sell Mountain Dew might take the cake. Seriously, the puppy monkey baby looks like a monstrosity that the evil (Or, misunderstood?) kid from Toy Story would have put together in his workshop of prepubescent doom.

To Mountain Dew’s credit, this commercial certainly will be memorable. Considering all the stops that companies will be pulling out for Super Bowl ads, being memorable might be more important than not being terrifying. Besides, the puppy monkey baby monstrosity does illustrate the three parts of the new Kickstart drink. Just as the little hellbeast is created from three different creatures, the beverage is a combination of three different elements.

While Mountain Dew did helpfully close the commercial by clarifying that Kickstart will be Dew, juice, and caffeine, I can't help but wonder if the combination of elements hasn’t produced some sort of mind-control effect. The three guys sitting on the couch all seem normal enough, if somewhat lethargic. After a few sips of Kickstart from the puppy monkey baby, they’re energetically strolling out of their apartment after it while it rattles its rattle like some kind of Pied Piper leading them to their downfall at the hands of whoever is pulling the strings and changing its diapers.

Luckily for those of us who aren’t exactly going to be rushing to the store to buy some Kickstart after this commercial, the Super Bowl does promise to air some ads that are less creepy. Hyundai released its hilarious Ryan Reynolds ad early, and Seth Rogen teamed up with Amy Schumer for a fun Bud Light commercial. Even the emotional rollercoaster that was last year’s Budweiser commercial that featured a lost puppy could be a solid palate cleanser.

Creepy commercial aside, it’s entirely possible that Mountain Dew Kickstart will take the market by storm with its tasty energizing and not any brainwashing qualities. Only time will tell if this new Dew is a hit.

Laura Hurley
Senior Content Producer

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