When Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wants To Return To Supernatural After The 300th Episode

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Fans already knew that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be returning to Supernatural for its 300th episode. The good news is that he wants to return to Supernatural again later on. When does he want to make this return? Morgan revealed the time he has his eye on, saying:

Hopefully they’ll leave it in a place where John could come back again. My dream would be to come back and do something in the last year, the last episode, the last couple episodes, whatever, and do a proper little arc.

It is a bittersweet idea. Supernatural viewers would get to see John Winchester again. The catch is his return would occur when the show was about to end its run. There is a silver lining to what Jeffrey Dean Morgan told EW.

At first, he talked about returning for the series finale, before adding that he would hope to do a multi-episode arc. A notion that would definitely make John’s return for the endgame “proper.” It would certainly keep the story from feeling rushed in any way. Continuing, Jeffrey Dean Morgan said:

It’d be fun to have some time and really dig in. Maybe [episode 300] won’t be the end of John. Like I always say to everybody: ‘It’s Supernatural, anything can happen.’

Anything certainly can! Hopefully, for fans, it will. John Winchester’s return for the 300th episode is one of the most anticipated elements of the special installment. Details are few and far between. That said, a bit of previously-revealed info provides some pivotal insight.

The reunion Sam and Dean have with John in the 300th episode will be an emotional one, as recently released pictures from the episode reveal. Sam and Dean can be seen embracing their dad in one picture and having a drink with him in another.

The emotion on all of their faces is impossible to miss. The hope is that the Winchester brothers will get closure with their dad. Of course, not so much closure that John cannot or will not be back in the future.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has previously explained the reasons behind why he wanted to return to Supernatural, which included having John makes some amends. Fans do not have much longer to wait before they get to see if all the reasons Morgan wanted to come back get addressed.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan expressed being “bugged” by the John Winchester he played being different from the one portrayed after he was no longer around. Can everything be rectified in one way or another? It is a lot for a single episode to handle.

Thankfully, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is interested in coming back to Supernatural down the line. So, if everything cannot be done in this one-episode arc, there is reason to hope the series’ ending arc can do it.

New episodes of Supernatural air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Watch Jeffrey Dean Morgan return as John Winchester when the horror series’ 300th episode airs February 7 at the same time and place. The CW series is among many shows airing new during the midseason.

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