Supernatural 300th Episode Photos Reveal A Winchester Family Reunion, And I’m Already Emotional

Supernatural’s milestone 300th episode is fast-approaching, and fans have known for a while that it would feature the return of none other than John Winchester. Sam and Dean’s dad died way back in Season 2, and he’s one of relatively few major Supernatural characters not to get a resurrection. Details have not yet been released about how exactly John will be back in the mix for Episode 300 (called “Lebanon"), but a new batch of pictures reveal the Winchester family reunion. Let’s start with the boys and their dad!

supernatural 300th episode sam dean john hug the cw

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The look on Sam’s face as he hugs his dad for the first time in well over a decade is surely enough to melt even the iciest of hearts! Given that Sam recently told his mom that he and Dean never hug unless the world is about to end, how hard he’s clutching John is a sign of how meaningful the reunion is for him. John’s head is barely even visible between his two sons!

Speaking of Dean, his face is mostly obscured, but he’s clearly emotionally affected by his dad’s appearance well. Since John will be a part of “Lebanon” because of Dean, we can probably count on some catharsis coming. Jeffrey Dean Morgan also stated that he wants some closure between Sam and John, so the episode may be jam-packed with Winchester heart-to-hearts. Are the boys going to need to go cold turkey on emotions after an overload in the 300th episode?

supernatural 300th episode dean sam john winchester the cw

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What’s an emotional Winchester family moment without some hard liquor to go with all the feelings? Jared Padalecki’s posture almost makes him look like a little kid again, which is a nice touch. Dean looks back to his somewhat broody self, so this is probably at least one scene cut after the big hello hug.

Given Dean’s wariness and John’s teariness as both look behind John, my money is on Mary Winchester walking into the scene. As much as Supernatural has retroactively put their marriage through the wringer, they did truly love each other, and John’s expression suggests that theirs could be a heavy reunion, if I’m right about what he’s looking at.

Also, there’s this pic:

supernatural 300th episode mary john winchester the cw

(Image credit: The CW)

Both of these characters may have bitten the dust at various points in the series, but who says love is dead? Mary’s feelings at this reunion may be complicated in the 300th episode due to her new dynamic with Bobby (who has also died and returned in different ways more than once). Still, she looks unambiguously happy, and it’s not like John is going to be back permanently.

The supernatural way that John comes back hasn’t been specified yet, but I think we would have heard if Jeffrey Dean Morgan was going to be back as a regular or even recurring star. This may be a one-off return for John Winchester; hopefully Supernatural will make the most of it.

The Winchesters will have at least a little bit of happy time together, based on another pic. Take a look:

Well, at least some of them seem to be enjoying the happy time together. John looks like he’s regaling them with a story, and Mary looks genuinely amused. Dean’s expression is largely hidden, so I could see his attitude going in a number of different directions. He will be the one responsible for John’s appearance, and he idolized his dad for a long time. Could Dean be focusing on the sunny side of his dad, especially considering his own looming fate?

Sam doesn’t appear thrilled with whatever is happening. He actually had less time with each of his parents than Dean did, and he doesn’t even remember the days when John and Mary were happy together, before the Yellow-Eyed Demon ruined everything. Could he be feeling awkward, when he’s not even the one who specifically wanted John to appear? Or does he not like that they’re wasting time on candle-lit family dinners when there’s probably a supernatural threat to be dealt with?

We’ll have to wait and see. The whole hour won’t be fuzzy Winchester family reunion time. Time travel will be in play, and John won’t be the only long-lost character back in the mix. Luckily, the wait for Supernatural Episode 300 won’t last much longer. “Lebanon” will hit the airwaves this midseason on Thursday, February 7 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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