Supernatural Is Bringing Another Long-Lost Character Back For The 300th Episode

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Supernatural is bringing back another long-lost character for its 300th episode. Like many of the plot points surrounding the special installment, this one is also mysterious. That is because Supernatural is bringing back Zachariah.

That's right, Kurt Fuller is set to return to Supernatural as his angel character, per EW. As fans will recall, Zachariah played a significant part in another milestone installment of the series: its 100th episode.

At the time, his arc did not exactly bode well for a return visit. He was seemingly killed by Dean, courtesy of an angel blade. Fast forward to Supernatural's 300th episode, and the actor will reprise the role again post-death.

The circumstances of his appearance in the 300th episode remain a mystery for now. The 300th installment of the horror series is already set to include Jeffrey Dean Morgan, which indicates that Dean and Sam's dearly departed dad, John, will likely make his long-awaited return to the series, although nothing is ever certain in the Supernatural universe. John Winchester and Zachariah's returns could be connected to a previously teased disclosure about Supernatural's 300th episode.

Misha Collins' previously confirmed there would be some time travel at play in the milestone installment. That could explain the manner in which the two dead characters will be seen in Episode 300. Why these particular characters though?

John Winchester's presumed involvement is relatively straightforward. Even after all of their issues with their father and their awareness of the problems that can arise with time travel, the boys would likely want to see him again. Perhaps Mary could have a part to play in whatever brings John back into the mix as well. The need for an appearance by Zachariah in comparison is far less obvious.

If Zachariah's return is connected to time travel, maybe it will be because he has important knowledge that the Winchesters and Co. need to continue saving people and hunting things. Given what has gone down lately, a trip through time would not be a bad thing for the Supernatural crew.

While the reasons for the return of John Winchester and now Zachariah are open to speculation, fans do have a few definitive facts at their disposal. The episode is called "Lebanon," an ode to where the Men of Letters bunker is located in Kansas. Thanks to Misha Collins, fans also know that they will see a "different version" of fan-favorite Castiel.

To put it mildly, there is a lot for fans to be excited to see. All of fans' undoubtedly numerous questions will be answered when the 300th episode of Supernatural airs Thursday, February 7.

Supernatural will return for the second half of its fourteenth season on Thursday, January 17 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The horror series is among many shows returning following for its winter premiere.

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